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Democrats Exposed in Wisconsin

After two years of vilifying the tea party, we now see who the real THUGS are.  But you will also notice how these people are portrayed in such a loving light by the mainstream media.

Now, this is the ASTROTURF, Ms. Pelosi.  This is what has been organized by the unions and by the Democrat National Committee, and Obama’s Organizing for America.   And ironically, Ms. Pelosi has now spoken out in support and “solidarity” for this crowd and the democrat law-makers who left the state. Figures.  But what Nancy Pelosi says at this point:  irrelevant.

Rule of thumb:  whatever the left is accusing others of is what they are doing themselves.

Can you imagine?  These are teachers?  No wonder so many children are in trouble both academically and emotionally.

I say fire them all.  Create some JOBS.  Wisconsin would be much better off without teachers such as this.

Meanwhile, cowardly democrats actually flee the state in order to prevent a vote.

I understand some are going to show up today in support of Governor Walker.  I just hope they meet in a different place and don’t mingle in with this bunch.  This is the knock down drag out stomp to the ground left wing.

As an ex-democrat, I would say any reasonable person still associated with the democrat party should seriously consider disassociating themselves.

Posted:  02.19.11

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Continuing Resolution passed House – Obamacare defunded!

In an early morning vote, the House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that cut the budget,  cutting some $61 billion dollars.  Thank you, House republicans.

This measure defunds Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

I believe this is only good  until March, when an actual budget has to be passed.

At 4:40 A.M., the House of Representatives voted to pass the CR 235-189. All Democrats and three Republicans — Reps. Jeff Flake, Ariz., John Campbell, Calif., and Walter Jones, N.C., — voted against the bill.

I am searching for the roll call on the Obamacare vote and the Planned Parenthood vote.  I think some 7 republicans voted with the democrats on those.

And the democrats squawk.  Now we know who the party of no is and who is not the least bit interested in setting the country on some kind of sustainable path.  And really we know who is the party of promises, promises, spend, spend, and I think the can has been kicked down the road about as far as it will go.  It is now just hitting a wall.

All I can say is – Does anybody know what it means to be Broke?  Obama says it’s the difference between eating out and saving for college.  No, it’s the difference between eating and paying the electric bill.   This is when you cut all non-essential spending.   And he is wasting more money by flying (once again flying somewhere) to California to meet with the big money.  It is estimated to cost $68,000 per hour to fly Air Force One.  Think about that.  Enough money in one hour to support two average income families for one year!!

But when you’re out of money, you’re out of money.  Time to face reality.  If we care anything about our future and the future of our children and grandchildren, we better face reality.

Posted:  02.19.11

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