Obama “leading a love train through D. C.” ? Schools Chamber of Commerce on “virtuous cycle”

This article from Politico is too funny.  After all the efforts to portray Obama as Clinton and then Reagan, he gets on tv with O’Reilly last night and says, “no, no, he’s not moving to the center.  He’s still the same guy he always was.”  Yep, the same little commie he’s always been.  And I don’t know where the authors of this piece have been, but Obama’s not winning any popularity contests.

“In early February, Obama is master of the moment — his polls on the upswing, his political dexterity applauded by pundits, his status as Washington’s dominant figure unchallenged even by Republicans.

“Time’s Mark Halperin has hailed Obama as “magnetic,” “distinguished” and “inspiring” — in one story. ABC’s Christiane Amanpour saw “Reaganesque” optimism and “Kennedyesque” encouragement — all in one speech. Howard Fineman, the former Newsweek columnist who now writes for The Huffington Post, said conductor Obama was now leading a “love train” through D.C.”

Leading a love train through D. C.?  Could this be parody?  Surely they are not serious.
If so, I no longer doubt that liberalism is a mental disorder.

He just got a cool reception from the business community.  Read the speech he gave at the Chamber of Commerce today.  He is making some empty promises about reviewing and lifting regulations, building roads, repairing bridges (again) which will never come to pass, but basically what he is doing is reprimanding the businesses, calling on them to “invest in America” or in other words, “get up off your money and help me get this unemployment rate down.”

He is so clueless.  These companies are not in business to hire people, nor to invest in America.  They are in business to make money.  And everything he has done has made it harder.  He does not get to tell them when and how they spend their money.  He is babbling on about a “virtuous circle.”  The man is socialist to the core.  He can’t even talk to business people without chiding them to make sure they spread their wealth around.    And he is continuing to press his healthcare law, the unconstitutional one, even though he has been told and he knows it hurts businesses, adding even more massive regulations.

Posted:  02.07.11

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