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Bo Diddley’s will in dispute

The legendary rock ‘n’ roll musician’s final wishes for his family — along with his music and estate, worth an estimated $6 million — are now up for debate. And the answer depends on whom you ask.

The 12-page will is filed under his real name, Ellas Otha Bates McDaniel.  He seemed to attempt to avoid disagreements over his estate by including a phrase that anybody attempting to break the will would be disinherited, but some say that is not enforceable in Florida.

Read local coverage of his will and his family.

… about 71 years of age, with Tom Petty…..

1928 – 2008

Rest in Peace

Posted:  02.27.11

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Have you no shame, Wisconsin democrats?

Cowards!  Running with tail tucked between legs comes to mind. Message: If you don’t get your way, run and hide. Not a good message for the children of the nation.

Troopers dispatched to their homes.

Posted:  02.27.11


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