I DEMAND an apology from, uh, what’s his name? The guy in California

How ridiculous is it that a man gets a FAX in San Francisco and he, with his press releases, manages to smear and implicate 20 million Rush fans everywhere?  He needs to apologize and now!  People been making jokes about how other cultures talk or act since time began.

(Oh, well, stuff dissapears all the time.  Here’s a replacement:




Posted:  01.31.11


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2 responses to “I DEMAND an apology from, uh, what’s his name? The guy in California

  1. bellalu0


    Jersey Nut says: “”Folks, this is all it takes for the Democrats to demand suppression of the 1st Amendment, and for the media to make dark insinuations about the Right’s alleged propensity for violence:

    “ching cha, ching chow cho cha, chan cha ching, chee ba ba ba, hon chong hee, ee kah ah ahh! Che, cheech eh! Jing ja, bo ba, ya ya, cha che cheech che! Cha gee! Doohhh, kit bah le bah! Bah, cheech cho bah!’”

    That’s Rush Limbaugh, imitating Chinese despot Hu Jintao, and saying that’s about all he got out of the joint press conference with Barack Obama.””


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