The essense of Obama

Out of the entire drone of over 60 minutes, here is the most revealing part.  If anybody is still wondering exactly who Obama is or what he is about, meditate for a few minutes on the following words:

We should have no illusions about the work ahead of us. Reforming our schools; changing the way we use energy; reducing our deficit – none of this is easy. All of it will take time. And it will be harder because we will argue about everything. The cost. The details. The letter of every law.

Of course, some countries don’t have this problem. If the central government wants a railroad, they get a railroad – no matter how many homes are bulldozed. If they don’t want a bad story in the newspaper, it doesn’t get written.

And yet, as contentious and frustrating and messy as our democracy can sometimes be, I know there isn’t a person here who would trade places with any other nation on Earth.

In that statement is the essense of Obsama.  The total disgust and irritation on his face and in his voice when he said that reveals his dictator heart.  Nothing irritates Obama more than the fact that he can’t just say “build me a railroad” and it’s done.  He already has the most compliant press in history, but it’s not enough for him.  He wants to RULE.  He wants nothing more than to be able to completely control the information we get.

Posted:  01.26.11


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2 responses to “The essense of Obama

  1. bellalu0

    He just spent too much time with Hu and he’s jealous. You don’t think Hu told him how “we don’t have this problem in my country?” He wishes we were way more like Red China.

    He doesn’t think our democracy is special, well, he said it, he thinks it is messy and pretty much gets in his way.

    Yeah, it’s called the Separation of Powers. And thank God for it.


  2. It’s not the first time.
    Hot Air:

    In the same speech, Obama gave voice to a harsh criticism he has heard about freely elected governments.

    “Today, we sometimes hear that democracy stands in the way of economic progress,” he said.”

    The shocking statement raises the question: Where has Obama heard this fatuous claim and with whom has he been talking politics?

    No it’s not deja vu you have heard this before.

    This is of a piece, eerily, with Obama’s benefactor George Soros’ Indonesian initiatives…

    They should call that speech: the puppet master speaks 🙂


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