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Children are running the country

…..One big reason the Democrats performed so dismally last November was that many Americans didn’t think that Obama and his congressional allies were paying enough attention to the issue (jobs/the economy) as they got distracted by health care, the Gulf oil spill and a review of Afghanistan war strategy. So when the president takes the podium, his overriding goal will be to convince average Americans — finally — that he gets it.

No.  He does not get it.

We have pre-SOTU for days, we will have post-SOTU for days, but the actual SOTU is not going to be worth a thin dime.  From what I am hearing, it sounds like the same thing he said at the last State of the Union.  And he said the same thing six months ago.  So what really is the state of the union?  The state of the is not good.

We have the republicans and the democrats sitting together.    Even Eric Cantor is sitting with Nancy Pelosi.  While the democrats and their mouth the media smear the republicans and smear Paul Ryan, just about the smartest person in Washington, and saying the republicans want people to DIE.

I’d like to hear a debate between Obama and Ryan.  Ryan would tear him up.  You can tell by the intensity of the Alinski assaults on Paul Ryan that the left knows he is a force to be reckoned  with.

And it doesn’t matter one bit what is in the speech.  It will be just a bunch of words from a person who can’t be believed.

Gas:  $3.11 per gallon this morning.  Gallon of milk:  over $3.00. Home prices in free-fall with millions of homes underwater..

They can have their stupid State of the Union.  They all make me want to throw up.

Posted:  01.25.11


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