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Can’t ANYBODY take a joke any more?


Laughter is good medicine for reducing stress…..I think they should try it!

I think I know why there is so much violence and hatred on the left side of the political spectrum. They have no sense of humor.  They are wrapped too tight.  They can’t laugh at themselves. They can laugh at others but never themselves.

When I grew up, it was a big plus if you had enough self-confidence to take a joke.  And to know a joke from an insult.

Any time you hear of someone who has taken offense at something, it is always, always a democrat/progressive/left wing person who has been offended..  Look it up.  You hear of someone demanding an apology and you never heard of them, look it up.  You will find they are a democrat every time.

Of course, they put it out all the time.  They rip into all on the right with viciousness and that’s okay.   You know it’s true.

But we just haven’t got the message yet.  That is our problem.  What we just don’t understand is that ANYTHING they do is a-okay.  And it is THEY who will decide what we can and cannot say.

Notice it.  They are always calling for some apology.

They never apologize for anything.  In fact, they double down.

As Mr. Cohen did after likening republicans to Nazis on the House floor.  Of course, that wasn’t a joke to begin with.  He was just projecting.

Posted:  01.20.11


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