Bush booed by democrats 2005 at SOTU

Don’t you wish we had some of that “civility” they keep harping about back in 2005 at the State of the Union address?  I don’t see them sitting together either.  President Bush is trying to look to the future and address the issue of entitlement programs and here we are in 2011…..you know the rest of the story.   What he said has happened.

This was uncivil and disrespectful.  Maybe the republicans should boo Obama.  I’m for tit for tat.  But I am quite sure the republicans have more class than that.

I’ve had it with these democrat hypocrites.

Not only are they uncivil, they are vile.

Posted:  01.17.11


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2 responses to “Bush booed by democrats 2005 at SOTU

  1. Nice find missy lady. A good reminder, in anticipation of the meme post-SOTU address.


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