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Bush booed by democrats 2005 at SOTU

Don’t you wish we had some of that “civility” they keep harping about back in 2005 at the State of the Union address?  I don’t see them sitting together either.  President Bush is trying to look to the future and address the issue of entitlement programs and here we are in 2011…..you know the rest of the story.   What he said has happened.

This was uncivil and disrespectful.  Maybe the republicans should boo Obama.  I’m for tit for tat.  But I am quite sure the republicans have more class than that.

I’ve had it with these democrat hypocrites.

Not only are they uncivil, they are vile.

Posted:  01.17.11


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The left now has a name and a face

The Loughner Left

Do you know what the editors of the New York Times look like?  Would you recognize them if you saw them?

We all know what leftie talking heads on television look like, such as Chrissie Mathews, Keith Olbermann, Katie Couric, et al.  But how about Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos website, the bloggers of the Democratic Underground, or the writers of the New York Daily News?

Now we know what they all look like.  Even the talking heads, now we know what they really look like.  From this moment on, this is the face they all have, the face that will appear in our mind’s eye picture of them whenever we read what they write or hear what they say.  This face:


is the Face of the Left, the Loughner Left.

See the rest here.

There really is no longer any doubt that the left will stop at nothing. There is no depths to which they will not sink. The line is clearly drawn. How can there be any “unity?”

There can be no false unity. No silly sitting together. No useless dialogue. We have to fight and fight hard, because they hate our guts. They want to destroy us. And I’m not lying down for it.

I just have a slight variation for their title: I’m calling them the Lyin’ Loughner Left. That has a nice ring to it.

Posted: 01.17.11

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