Do not believe all you hear and only half of what you see

The beginning of a new year calls for hope for the future, out with the old, in with the new.  I cannot wait to hear the Constitution of the United States of America read on the House floor.

It can also call for a little reflection.  What did we do right?  What did we do wrong?

It is no wonder John Boehner became teary-eyed and emotional when he saw he would be Speaker of the House in 2011.  I am quite sure he never in a million years had dreamed of becoming speaker.  After all, he is a republican, and it had been declared in 2009 that the democrats would surely hold power for at least the next 40 years.  This was the story, the spin, and I tend to think Boehner believed it himself.  After all, James Carville wrote a book about it.  Here’s what he said in mid 2009:

Will Republicans Be Able to Regain Power?
Carville does not see any prospects for a GOP revival because the party has ignored the center, and he believes it will be very difficult for them to win back independent voters. He says “Republicans have been quite literally set on destroying the world,” and “Contemporary American conservatism is an accumulation of reactionary, pseudopopulist, intellectually devoid whiners, xenophobes, racists, and Luddites.”

Good heavens!  I don’t even know what a Luddite is.  (Okay.  Looked it up. Just another way of calling conservatives a backward unruly mob.)

Well, what happened, James?

I have always liked James Carville, but he didn’t mind calling conservatives all the usual names he and the progressive establishment have used in the Age of Obama, and a couple I am not familiar with, being an “intellectually devoid whiner” and all.

No longer can you have a disagreement of ideas, a civil conversation, or genuine beliefs in a different view of the world.  I have just about had it up to here with it myself.  And so I don’t mind calling attention to this – what would you call it – an error on Carville’s part?  He was not just a little bit off – he was totally and completely Wrong in his predictions.

This should cause pause for any thinking person who believes every word that comes from the mouth of some analyst and self-proclaimed expert, even if the mass liberal media does bestow on them brilliance they certainly do not deserve.

But what happened in 2010?  The Tea Party happened.  We the People happened.  The republicans did not do anything to deserve the support of middle America.  Not one thing.  They just more or less stood by and watched, and in some notable cases (as in “Karlinsky” and his smearing of Christine O’Donnell) it happened as they fought against it.

So it remains to be seen if they got any message or not.  It does appear from what I have seen of John Boehner so far that maybe they did.  If not, they better watch out for another blood bath in 2012.

There’s an old saying that a true prophet’s words come true.  Well, something like that.  If that be the guide, it was more Dick Morris, who said the republicans would win at least 50 seats in the House, than what seems in retrospect to be the ridiculous predictions of James Carville.  Morris also said republicans would win about 10 seats in the Senate, too, so he was off a little bit himself, but not much.

My prayers and hopes go out to Speaker Boehner and all members of congress, especially the newly elected ones.  They all have a lot to face and deal with and I hope they stand strong against all efforts to divert them and cause them to go along to get along.  Bipartisanship and compromise are words I don’t want to hear.

Posted:  01.02.11


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34 responses to “Do not believe all you hear and only half of what you see

  1. bellalu0

    WASHINGTON – A top House Republican says GOP lawmakers will go after President Barack Obama’s health care law piece by piece to see if they can make it crumble.

    That effort, says Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, will follow a vote to repeal the health care law outright. Such a vote could come early in the new year after the GOP takes control of the House.

    Upton is the incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and he says that repealing the health care law is his top priority. He’s hoping for a vote before Obama’s State of the Union address.


    • bellalu0

      Oops RINO alert on Fred Upton. He teamed up with Jane Harmon (whose husband now owns Newsweek) to ban the light bulb…..
      …..and replace it with the expensive curly fried light bulb which has to be disposed of in the following manner if it breaks:
      * Open the window and keep everyone (including pets) out of the room for 15 minutes.
      * Don’t vacuum or sweep.
      * Use pieces of stiff cardboard to pick up as much as you can; deposit the stuff into a lidded glass jar (such as a Mason jar) or a sealable plastic bag.
      * Use duct tape to pick up the smaller bits. Then use a disposable wet wipe to swab the area down. Deposit all cleaning materials in the jar or bag.
      * If the bulb’s landed on a carpet or rug: don’t vacuum until you’ve thoroughly removed all the light-bulb debris, again using duct tape to pick up small pieces. Remove the bag and dispose of it immediately.
      * Take the jar or bag full of broken bulb and cleaning materials to the outside trash; some areas have special requirements for disposing of such hazardous materials.


  2. Bella, note that James Carville’s book title used the word “Rule” something no one interviewing him called him on including Imus. Ruling and Governing are two different things a Monarch Rules – The U.S. Republic is Governed by We The People.

    The real reason that James Carville thinks the Democrats will take over is “Ageism” he thinks that Conservatives are going to die off, that only seniors are Conservatives…..speaking of killing off Seniors, and Democrat talking points.

    To review, Powers said that President George W. Bush’s veto of the bill that included the end-of-life provision was “not true.” I reported at Big Government, Big Journalism, and HotAir that Bush vetoed that bill which Powers, the MSM, and lefty bloggers tried to use as cover for the end-of-life provisions in the newly revamped wellness visits paid for by Medicare.

    Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the left and MSM from continuing to use that false talking point given to them by the Obama administration as seen in The Hill’s piece:

    It pass due time for some accountability and oversight from our legislature. Queen Nancy’s heavy handed tactics need a sunshine review. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    I like James Carville too, but he climbed into bed with the Far Left, you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.


  3. bellalu0

    KJ, I think the mouthy left is much smaller in number than it seems. It’s just more Alinsky – it’s not the power you have but the power they think you have. It all seems to be right by the book to me. I don’t even think the youth will buy it if they just stop to think for a minute. They are the ones who will be paying for all this debt. What the left has is mainly paid protesters, election fraud, and the media. After the 2008 election, I heard Donna Brazile say “we don’t need the middle class any more.” So they believed their own deception. I’d like to hear what was said behind the scenes when they realized it was over.


    • Bella

      Brazile was being honest – when they lost big in the Mid Term election it never occurred to them to course correct to align with the MAJORITY of the country. I used to be a Democrat, they don’t care if they shed voters look at the PUMAS who jumped off in 2008. The progressive mind isn’t wise it’s incredibly devious. If the majority of voters reject them their next step is to make more voters that will vote for them SEE DREAM ACT. Now here is the thing the progressive has infected both the Democrat and Republican party….the TEA PARTY is cleaning the Republican’s house, and the PUMAS know if you tear down the current Democrat Party that has been hijacked by the progressives it can be rebuilt to fit the platform the Democrats used to stand for. That’s why some PUMAS align themselves with the TEA PARTY. Who is responsible for the Freedie and Fannie debacle? Who wants everything so convoluted, the average ordinary American voter is left scratching their head trying to decipher the purpose and results? To what purpose does a Bill need to be upward toward 3,000 pages to ram the worse kind of health care insurance reform down our throats? Wealth Redistribution by any means = Devious not Wise.

      The Logic Junkie sums it up in, How Smart is Smart.

      Why does anyone believe that the people we elect to office are somehow smarter than us? The answer, because they keep telling us so, and they use their media flunkies to keep repeating it….Smart is as Smart does. Clever is not the same thing as Intelligent. Clever is a base form of behavior that comes from instinct – devious. Intelligence isn’t just about knowledge but the application of that knowledge (just because someone can do something doesn’t mean they should) -wisdom. According to the Logic Junkie that’s the stage of human development we are experiencing right now we are only up to the “Devious” stage of intelligence.

      Look at James Lee who took those people hostage at the Discovery Channel Building his family kept going on about how intelligent he was…but it wasn’t a wise intelligence it was a devious intelligence. At least he won’t be reproducing and adding his genes to the gene pool…that’s called looking on the bright side GRIN.


  4. anon

    The Republicans are the blood-sucking spawn of pure evil. Which party would want to take away a sick person’s right to get medical care? Republicans. Which party would like to take away your right to keep your children on your medical insurance until they’re 26? The Republicans. Which party wants you to be denied medical coverage after your benefits reach a certain dollar point ? The Republicans. If the Republicans insist on repealing Obamacare then they will be KILLED in the 2012 election and Barack will simply veto the bill.. Even now they can’t come up with a single Republican who is more popular than Barack Obama.Wake up Republicans Obamacare is now as firmly entrenced as Social Secur!ity !!!


    • bellalu0

      My point is proven. Can you just feel that civil conversation?

      Just start out by saying “you republican, you blood-sucking spawn of pure evil” and it will lead you into a good conversation every single time. 🙂


  5. anon

    Just in case you’re not getting the clear picture..

    This is no longer an “advanced” country, and every day, right-wingers are making it stink even worse!
    The GOP/TP’s avowed, never-varying aim is to return the U.S. to the days before abolition, suffrage, fed notes, steam power, electricity, refrigeration, food safety, seat belts, telephones, ink, books, houses, heat, light and sexual reproduction.
    In other words, the GOP/TP wants to go back, back, back, as far as they can drag us. They will never give up their quest to “get their country back…” — as far back as the Dark Ages, if at all possible.
    The GOP/TP is doing what terrorists could never do: utterly destroy this country and everything for which it stands.
    In a few years, all that will be left of the U.S. will be a tyrannized slave colony, with hundreds of millions toiling to support a few thousand ravenous vampires.

    The GOP is going to be soooo OUT in 2012, because the country is waking up to them…..


  6. bellalu0

    mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.


  7. The country is waking up to them? That’s a good one, they just picked up 65 seats in the house in the mid terms, and 700 seats nation wide in State legislature that’s not counting all the new Republican Governors, and the 5 new U.S. Senators. Actually this is just the beginning I can’t wait for Issa to investigate all the corruption that’s been going on under the progressive leadership for the last 4 years. Democrat corruption probes, that’s what Americans are waking up to.


  8. bellalu0

    Laree, I was looking up Issa’s background. He’s a very interesting guy. Grandson of Lebanese immigrants
    BA in Business Administration
    Captain in US Army
    CEO of his own very successful business (something to do with car alarm systems).


    • Bella

      I think Issa knows what he is about.

      John Leboutillier on Government Corruption

      Fmr. Rep. John Leboutillier weighs in on the new congress and the way business is conducted in Washington.

      There is a struggle going on inside the Republican Party.

      The Democrats talking points…now they want to focus on jobs LOL! I would too if I were them. We think we know what is in their can of worms, I still think we will be surprised. The Democrat talking points the American people want bipartisanship LMAO no we don’t we want those greedy corporatist basterds butts nailed to the wall. They are busy telling the public what the mid term election meant through their propaganda outlets. We voted we know exactly what we were voting for “Accountability and Oversight” They lost big in the mid terms because everyone get’s that the MSM is corrupt. It’s odd that two years after Obama was elected now the American people want bipartisanship 😉 I want Scalps lots of them,and I want them to be made examples of, they can start with Maxine Waters “They’re is nothing wrong with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.” Let’s get her in front of an oversight committee.

      It’s Morning In America.


  9. There is a great comment in this thread…the usual from the Democrats: We don’t need witch hunts or fishing expedition. I would say the same thing if I survived the massacre of November 2010. I wrote about this when they were contemplating passing that health care bill. The progressives drove the Democrat Party off a political cliff, and who ever survived will be politically crippled. I aim to be blogging the highlights of the clubbing of the mid term progressive survivors 😉 I just need to pick out some good theme music…..

    On January 3rd, 2011 at 9:28 pm, cicerokid said:

    (Issa while handing Waxman lit stick of dynamite) “Are you going to talk or fish?”

    Too Funny.


  10. bellalu0

    Are there witches in congress? My. My. And the “fish” hang out in the dark water right underneath the log. They’ve all had it easy wheeling and dealing with other people’s money. And actually I am for some bipartisanship. Get them all no matter which party. It would be good if we had a committee of ordinary citizens with no particular ax to grind, give them subpoena power, and let them sweep out all the dirt.


    • Are there witches in congress?

      Bella at least one, but I understand she is going to be grounded after tomorrow. No more non stop broom jet rides on our dime.


  11. bellalu0

    I just read a story on Mediaite about concern troll Chuck Todd saying he is so worried for the GOP and how it will look if they start “looking backwards” to do investigations. These people are so funny. Really, really funny. They don’t even have to write SNL skits any more, they can just copy word for word the news media. How can he even say this after they have been looking backward now for two solid years blaming George Bush for everything under the sun. They must be feeling the heat, holding news conferences about the wonders of Obamacare. They have a problem because it is becoming apparent just what a scam Obamacare is. I would link to the Mediaite piece, but my computer has decided it won’t copy and paste.


    • Bella

      The thing is the decline started the minute Nancy picked up that gavel, followed by Obama signing “Porkulus”.

      I think the reason we are hearing so much concern out of the cable news jockeys is because they know how dirty things have been the last 4 years. It means the scandal is going to get on them too. There will be questions about why this, and that wasn’t reported on, when it happened, and when did they know about it. They are already trying to shape a narrative that has no hope of working. We are hanging around 10% unemployment our Debt is at an all time record high. The President of the United States had to call in a former President to keep the progressives from pushing him off the political cliff to pass the status quo bill. And the Republicans don’t even take over till tomorrow. Out of control spending – they want to penalize people who don’t buy expensive health insurance “Individual Mandate” They wanted to penalize anyone who made over 250,000.00 a year, because as the President says “At some point you have to ask your self have you made enough money”

      I wonder if this will finally end the blocking of Comcast taking over NBCU? Comcast might actually expect MSNBC to compete 🙂


  12. bellalu0

    I live for the day the MSM has to take responsibility for their corruptness. They have much to answer for. I think they have not realized quite yet that they don’t form and control public opinion as they once did by bringing forward these tactics they are now engaging in, i.e. phony advice about not “looking backward.” They are just more or less talking to themselves. The only reason I knew about this was from reading a second-hand source online.

    And the problem with B. H. Obama’s little theory of at some point making too much money is who the hey is going to decide where that point is. I noticed that his idea of rich at this point is just a little bit above the congressional salary.


    • Bella

      Reassuring self talk, they thought the Obots were going to save them in the midterms “How?”. There is a finite number of Obots. There was no cult of personality to vote for in the mid term elections. Obama doesn’t have coat tails he “has been” a highly polarized public figure. I don’t think he can walk it back in 2 years, and pretend he’s a moderate. Not with the folks he keeps stacking his administration with. Not by trying to go around a duly elected Congress by the American People. In fact if he goes that route he has confirmed what the opposition party has been claiming – it’s a dictatorship not a democracy anymore. That doesn’t spell second term when you need the Independent Vote. The good news – Obama woke up a bunch of slumbering Americans, who weren’t paying attention to their country being hijacked by a bunch of corporatist.


  13. anon

    So, this is coming from a guy who; lied about his military record, lied about protecting President Nixon at a World Series game, and possibly made money from insurance fraud.

    Issa is bearing false witness against our President. We may not agree with the President and his administration on some issues, but the administration is not corrupt. We elected this president to pursue his agenda and that’s what he’s doing. If we don’t like it we can try for a different president next round. To accuse those with whom we differ of corruption is malicious and evil. Issa has to go.

    This coming from a person whose political party has been synonymous with corruption for years and years. This from the party of Nixon.

    Which administration had the most indictments and convictions per captita and actually?


    Daryl Issa’s career will end just about the way Tom Delay and Randy Cunningham’s did.


    • bellalu0

      Well, I said as soon as Issa’s name came up, “how long will it be before he gets his name smeared by the raving left?”

      You people are so predictable. In fact, so predictable as to be boring.


  14. anon

    Issa is the one that needs to be investigated! His arrest records in multiple states, alone, are enough of a reason. The richest man in Congress has an interesting past, to say the least…

    Link to!


  15. bellalu0

    “Obama Investigations.”
    Has a lovely ring to it.


  16. If Mohammad can’t come to the mountain bring the mountain to Mohammad.


  17. bellalu0

    From Laree’s link above:

    “The White House is reportedly looking to MANUFACTURE a “pro business” aura…..”
    “Daley has about as much real experience creating jobs as Da Boss now sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave — which is to say, less than a thimble full.”

    And this is just the beginning of why there can be no compromise, no faux bipartisanship. They don’t want to find common ground, they want to rule. You can’t compromise real principles for an “aura.”

    Who will take Robert Gibb’s place? Keith Olbermann?


  18. bellalu0

    Wasserman/Schultz says “we need to work together.” hahahahahaha

    Now that is funny.

    Yeah, work together just like they did when they passed the healthcare and everything else they rammed through.

    Repeal OBAMACARE. We will not move on until it’s done.

    Make them all show their hands.

    It’s a great day for America. The grass roots to Washington.


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