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Do not believe all you hear and only half of what you see

The beginning of a new year calls for hope for the future, out with the old, in with the new.  I cannot wait to hear the Constitution of the United States of America read on the House floor.

It can also call for a little reflection.  What did we do right?  What did we do wrong?

It is no wonder John Boehner became teary-eyed and emotional when he saw he would be Speaker of the House in 2011.  I am quite sure he never in a million years had dreamed of becoming speaker.  After all, he is a republican, and it had been declared in 2009 that the democrats would surely hold power for at least the next 40 years.  This was the story, the spin, and I tend to think Boehner believed it himself.  After all, James Carville wrote a book about it.  Here’s what he said in mid 2009:

Will Republicans Be Able to Regain Power?
Carville does not see any prospects for a GOP revival because the party has ignored the center, and he believes it will be very difficult for them to win back independent voters. He says “Republicans have been quite literally set on destroying the world,” and “Contemporary American conservatism is an accumulation of reactionary, pseudopopulist, intellectually devoid whiners, xenophobes, racists, and Luddites.”

Good heavens!  I don’t even know what a Luddite is.  (Okay.  Looked it up. Just another way of calling conservatives a backward unruly mob.)

Well, what happened, James?

I have always liked James Carville, but he didn’t mind calling conservatives all the usual names he and the progressive establishment have used in the Age of Obama, and a couple I am not familiar with, being an “intellectually devoid whiner” and all.

No longer can you have a disagreement of ideas, a civil conversation, or genuine beliefs in a different view of the world.  I have just about had it up to here with it myself.  And so I don’t mind calling attention to this – what would you call it – an error on Carville’s part?  He was not just a little bit off – he was totally and completely Wrong in his predictions.

This should cause pause for any thinking person who believes every word that comes from the mouth of some analyst and self-proclaimed expert, even if the mass liberal media does bestow on them brilliance they certainly do not deserve.

But what happened in 2010?  The Tea Party happened.  We the People happened.  The republicans did not do anything to deserve the support of middle America.  Not one thing.  They just more or less stood by and watched, and in some notable cases (as in “Karlinsky” and his smearing of Christine O’Donnell) it happened as they fought against it.

So it remains to be seen if they got any message or not.  It does appear from what I have seen of John Boehner so far that maybe they did.  If not, they better watch out for another blood bath in 2012.

There’s an old saying that a true prophet’s words come true.  Well, something like that.  If that be the guide, it was more Dick Morris, who said the republicans would win at least 50 seats in the House, than what seems in retrospect to be the ridiculous predictions of James Carville.  Morris also said republicans would win about 10 seats in the Senate, too, so he was off a little bit himself, but not much.

My prayers and hopes go out to Speaker Boehner and all members of congress, especially the newly elected ones.  They all have a lot to face and deal with and I hope they stand strong against all efforts to divert them and cause them to go along to get along.  Bipartisanship and compromise are words I don’t want to hear.

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