4 responses to “Earmarks – Now and Then – Is there any difference? John McCain speaks out (video) Update:Omnibus Dead

  1. Bella,

    Bill Clinton was right about the deal Obama struck with the Republicans it really does favor the Spenders.


    The new comeback kid


    I am in the McCotter camp, they should have waited 3 weeks for re enforcements this is not the way to stop out of control spending. They could have put together a better fiscally conservative bill but now we are stuck with this pig no amount of lipstick is going to convince me that we needed 13 more months of unemployment extension. We are taking from the producers to keep a section of the public basically idle, and eeking by on unemployment. They aren’t going to be saving squat or investing in anything. They will be spending out of necessity – so vulnerable and dependent just the way the Progressives like them. Living off of their game fully employed neighbor who is still paying for unemployment relief after 99 weeks. 26 weeks is supposed to be the cut off. So the Republicans compromised and we got more wealth redistribution.

    Act in haste and repent at leisure- in three weeks they could have passed a better bill with the Republicans in the majority.

    At least the ominous porkulus got blocked.

    I wish they would turn out the lights and go home they got the government funded through February they got this status quo bill passed.

    They need to quit now, and give us all an early Christmas Present.


    • bellalu0

      I won’t rest easy until they do go home. They may try to do something sneaky to slip the omnibus through anyway. Or slip stuff into the bill extending Bush tax cuts on the way to the white house. I put nothing past them.


  2. Bella

    Reid won’t stop they say the Dems are trying to put together a mini omnibus bill. He can’t stand that the spending spree is over he won’t quit trying until he’s physically stopped- by the new members being seated on January 5th.

    They need to go home – I was listening to McConnell on Bret Beier’s show as far as he is concerned they are going to fund the government through February and then the Republicans are done going along with anything. The only Bill he wasn’t sure about was the repeal of DADT, he said he didn’t know how it would turn out, and he didn’t seem especially concerned about the outcome of the repeal. I think McConnell is more about fiscal conservatism.


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