Obama calls republicans “hostage-takers”

I was actually agreeing with much of what Barack Obama was saying here.  I liked the strength in his voice, instead of the usual halting, emotionless drone, but he just could not refrain from being  accusatory and insulting towards the republicans for standing for what their constituents believe.  He has called for negotiations non-stop, but when give and take happens and a deal is struck it has now become “hostage taking.”  Or his excuse for negotiating, that he somehow had to free the people from the hands of the evil republicans.

I knew that the major democrat talking point of late was to refer to the republicans as holding hostages, because it was obvious in that every time a democrat or democrat representative (including the mainstream media)  opened a mouth they used the word.  I suspected maybe that little directive had come from the white house.  So now I know – either it came directly from the president or he got the memo and obeyed it.

I think it comes directly from him, because it seems to fit so perfectly in with his view of the general population.  He can’t for five minutes refrain from partisan rhetoric. When he says the republicans are holding the “American people hostage” who is he talking about?  I know previously, he said the unemployed were being held hostage.  Now he has progressed to include everyone.

Notice:  I am not being held hostage by the republicans.  As a matter of fact, they are representing me and my point of view.  And when they cease to do that, I’ll say so, as I have before.  I want them to stand firm, just as, apparently, his supporters want  him to be strong on their views.

The first video is his comment just a few minutes ago:

The second video is a montage of media and the democrats parroting the word hostage in every statement.  This was several days ago.  It really is disgusting.

Well, it’s really pretty funny, I guess.  Or maybe just sad to hear people say what they are told to say because they know if they veer from the edict passed down to them from on high, they will be blacklisted and targeted for personal destruction.  Ask Juan Williams.  But one thing they better come to understand, we (the American people) are not sheep and we are not parrots.

Posted:  12.07.10


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6 responses to “Obama calls republicans “hostage-takers”

  1. No one on the Left get’s how WEAK this makes the President of the United States look?

    No one sees that carrying “Victimhood” into the Highest Seat in the Land is a Bad Thing?

    This is NOT the posture a President of the United States should ever take. The President of the United States ALWAYS has to project Strength. He isn’t just representing a small segment of Progressives he is representing the entire Country.


  2. bellalu0

    Just took down a couple of links that appeared in the comments. Don’t know what the story is for sure, but the websites are fake because there was only one visitor for the day and only one visitor online – me and zero comments. It is set up to rather elaborately bash conservatives, tea party, Sarah Palin, republicans, et cetera. I don’t know how I got graced with the link here, but I am not going to advertise the trash. Today’s big push seems to be to follow the, once again, hostage line with Obama being the victim.

    It’s quite a set up as there are at least two sites, and also trying to start a forum on Yahoo about the same subject. Again, zero comments. There is nothing on the site that tells who is responsible that I could find. Wish I knew. Just curious.


  3. Great post. I got no problem being held hostage, but dang it! The least they can do is illicit a higher price from the Dems than the status quo. How ’bout holding me hostage for the permanent elimination of the death tax? Some spending cuts?


  4. Oh, when the various instruments of the left start using the same key phrase mulitple times, I always hear this in my mind:

    Squawk! Polly wanna cracker! Squawk!


    • bellalu0

      Boy, they are really squawking now. What do you call it when a two year old falls in the floor screaming when he doesn’t get his way – throwing a fit? That’s what it reminds me of, and you’re right, what did they lose? Nothing really. It only stays the same.


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