Federal workers unhappy with wage freeze

New York Daily News reports anger at federal employee salary freeze.

Irate federal workers in New York had a few choice words for President Obama‘s decision Monday to freeze their wages for the next two years.

“That’s why Obama’s ratings are below [ex-President George W.] Bush’s, and that’s hard to be unless you’re Osama Bin Laden,” said Rosemarie Clemmens of Manhattan.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/11/30/2010-11-30_fed_workers_rage_over_wage_freeze.html#ixzz16mjloiX0

We are talking Manhattan, liberal Obama-loving NYC..

What is infuriating about this is our out-of-touch, arrogant president proposes this only After tripling the deficit and spending millions, if not billions, on trips to Spain and trips to India and every place else on the planet, playing golf and partying during the rare times he is actually in D. C., and now he wants to dump on citizens whether they be federal workers or old people.  The only way this would be acceptable is if he and all members of congress would take $1.00 per year for two years.  Then they could say they were true “public servants” and Obama would have his ever-lovin’ shared sacrifice.  Only then.

Posted:  11.30.10


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5 responses to “Federal workers unhappy with wage freeze

  1. The Center Square

    I have to laugh at how serious everyone is about cutting spending — except ANY spending that affects them directly. Priceless.

    You make an interesting comment about “Obama tripling the deficit.” Exactly what actions did Obama take that you think increased the deficit? This criticism is bandied about, but interestlngly, no one has any good defensible answers to that question.

    Thanks for letting me comment.


    • bellalu0

      All I am saying is he talks about shared sacrifice but does not sacrifice. He should cut his own salary, and then he could move on to others and have some integrity in so doing. He has plenty of money and is actually one of the fat cats he likes to talk about. Congress also should not get somewhere around $175,000 a year. They should work on a part-time basis and get a job to support themselves.

      This is also informative: About $39 million per year in White House staff salaries, not including the president’s $400,000.



    • bellalu0

      He was pushing all his spending and now he wants to cut back – only after he has raided the treasury. It’s kind of like knowing you are going to file for bankruptcy but first going out and running to the max every single credit card you can get your hands on – which I think is against the law.


  2. The Center Square

    The thing is, those are merely gestures. (it is also a policy that I would personally oppose, because I think one of the root causes of our problems is that we have these political and bureaucratic officials who make far less than their private sector counterparts. This makes them vulnerable to private sector influence, because they simply need the money. In a way, Pres. Obama, to focus on that one instance, is already sacrificing greatly. Certainly any president is under constant attack from political rivals, but also he has the ability to make millions of dollars in the private sector, but cannot do so as president.)

    What ends up happening is that Washington feeds us these empty gestures, like banning earmarks, like pseudo-reform of campaign finance, like your example of travel costs or White House staffing costs, like “eliminating waste” — and too many people breathe a sigh of relief that finally Washington gets it, and we move our attention to the next thing. It is like you or I feeling satisfied that we balanced our personal budgets because we went through the seat cushions one time and found $0.62 in change.

    The result has been an utter failure to address the fiscal issues that really matter. We get placated, and the Congress cranks up another round of spending. It is truly just like a magician’s sleight of hand — “See me eliminate earmarks!!!” he says with a dramatic gesture of his right hand. Meanwhile, the left hand goes right on spending and borrowing. We do not reform entitlements, we do not curb federal operations spending, we continue to borrow at record levels.

    Pretty sad. Sorry to be so cynical *lol*.


  3. bellalu0

    You build credibility one step at the time. For that reason, cutting earmarks and congressional and white house spending are just gestures, but important gestures in my opinion. It’s a start. Better than doing nothing. I just hope to God somebody in Washington D. C. will do something for the country for a change or else we may not have a country.


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