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Obama gets red carpet treatment – video

A little breezy upon exit.

Strong winds on Sunday played a bit of a spoilsport for the red carpet send off to the Obamas for Delhi as the gusts blew away the rug twice despite the best efforts of officials who finally decided to get rid of it to avoid an embarrassment.

Even as authorities in Mumbai were preparing to bid adieu to President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, strong winds kept blowing away the red carpet laid out at the airport for them and the problem was compounded by the sweep of the rotors of the two U.S. helicopters.



I think his triumphant entry into Mumbai was more like this:

Next video – Obama’s explanation of his opinion on jihad.  Sounds a lot like he did trying to explain to us how we should inflate the tires of the car to save energy in the above video.  Maybe it’s the halting monotone voice?

Posted:  11.07.10  Updated:  11.08.10 @ 7:06 p.m. video added


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