Another story from the foreign press on the Obama trip

Probably not since the days of the Pharaohs or the more ludicrous Roman Emperors has a head of state travelled in such pomp and expensive grandeur as the President of the United States of America.

While lesser mortals – the Pope, Queen Elizabeth and so on – are usually happy to let their hosts handle most of the security and transport arrangements when they venture beyond their home shores, the United States creates a mini-America on the move to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

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A man walks with a camel past a sand sculpture depicting President Barack Obama ahead of Obama’s arrival to the country, in Puri

Here you go, Anderson.  Another story to debunk.  CNN must cover for the president at all cost.  Get those investigative reporters out of mothballs.  Had the American press and media done some reporting on this story, which is really important as to the cost and purpose of the trip with unemployment in the U. S. still at 9.6 percent, then we would not have to rely on the foreign press for details and pictures.   And a lot of fabulous pictures, too.  Make sure you keep Michele Bachmann honest now.  Oh, and by the way, have you been able to uncover some trip she is taking wasting tax payers money yet?  I didn’t think so.

Are the Obamas going into exile?  I’m beginning to wonder.  Better check on that, Andy.

Posted:  11.06.10


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5 responses to “Another story from the foreign press on the Obama trip

  1. Bella

    The first thing he said to the Indians – India doesn’t poach jobs from the U.S. they create jobs…uh huh.

    India’s GDP has risen 8.8% our last GDP an anemic 2.2%?

    Why are countries like India and Germany economies bouncing back with their GDP’s rising, but a Super Power like the United States is stagnating?

    It can’t be because American jobs have been outsourced/sarc.


    • bellalu0

      I really don’t understand. American jobs are outsourced to India, putting Americans out of work. Now he is asking India to provide jobs for Americans. Oh, the games we play.

      Have you seen the new reality show called Downsized? It’s a blended family with dad out of work who has lost their home and now are counting change to make a rent payment. The kids are dumpster diving and one sold his ball glove to help out. They went to the grocery store with their food stamp card thinking they had $25.00 on it and there was only $2.00. She had to put all the food back and walked out with a package of gravy mix.

      Previews for next week show them moving from the home they are in. I guess they get evicted for non-payment of rent since they spent their last dime for this month’s.

      This Is Obama’s America.


  2. ANON

    Right-Wing Media Launch Bogus Attacks On Obama’s India Trip..

    Yet ANOTHER introduction of what a TRUE LEADER IS. So far, the President has just guaranteed OVER 50,000 jobs for America from India. SO FAR. CNN reports.


    GOP (2010): “We have nothing to offer but fear itself.”


  3. he 300-odd officers will work in tandem with highly trained 300 US security men, forming the inner protection ring guarding the US president during his stay at the Taj.

    I’m sure 600 cops for security detail cost next to nothing/sarc.


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