Chris Matthews vs Zell Miller – Flashback (Video)

I am still upset about the election coverage of MSNBC, and it brought to my mind this encounter of Zell Miller with Chris Matthews.  The same Chris Matthews who browbeat Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn Tuesday night.  I added this to the post about the coverage, but I thought it was worth a separate post here.  Mr. Miller is what I would call a southern gentleman, something Chris Matthews knows nothing about.  Enjoy.

Posted:  11.05.10


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4 responses to “Chris Matthews vs Zell Miller – Flashback (Video)

  1. Bella

    Zell Miller was a good example of what a Democrat used to be.

    The progressive through their over reaching legislation, have almost wiped out the White Southern Democrat.

    This is one of the links to my last post, when the Dems fell they fell hard.

    They are now considered a “coastal party”


  2. bellalu0

    Speaking of coastal party – You could almost hear the desperation in their voices as they were thinking, God, oh God, please let us take California.

    And speaking of California, I really don’t want to hear about any federal bailout for them. As my mom used to say, they have made their bed, let them lie in it.


  3. Bella

    I think the Republicans taking back the House means no bail out for California all spending has to start in the House.


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