Election night cable ratings – Fox Rules

I thought CNN had excellent coverage last night.

MSNBC was a disgrace.  An absolute disgrace.  The place needs to be padlocked.  Now get this, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Eugene Robinson.  See anything a little out of joint about this?  But then I guess they don’t have anything but far left people on the network.  But could they have invited someone in to have a little itty bit of balance.  Maybe no one would come on.

And these grown people, supposedly civil, educated people, professional journalists, on national tv acted like a bunch of high school kids, giggling and laughing in the background, badgering the interviewees.  Especially especially especially the women.  I’ll try to put up a video of the treatment they gave Michele Bachmann and congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.  Anyone who is conservative and goes on that network really deserves whatever they get, I guess, because it’s nothing but an ambush from the word go.  But just the disrespect and mocking of these bullies left me feeling sick and I felt like crying.  These are vicious people on there – all of them.  They are hatred and bigotry on display.

Where is Zell Miller when you need him?   His conversation with Chris Matthews has even more relevancy today than it did back then.  Mr. Miller called Matthews on his treatment of a woman.  It really is too bad we can’t have a duel in these days.  I think it would very quickly reveal who the cowards are.

Here’s the Bachmann interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdan9FyoyQE

Someone has compiled some of the highlight moments of this circus called MSNBC:  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/daily-beast-moments-from-msnbcs-apocalyptic-night/

But, hey, they and their network get what they deserve as well – ratings so low as to be a scratch.   And as long as there are video tapes of their performance, there will be questions for future generations how, in 2010, this behavior, especially towards women, was tolerated.

8-11p ET

P2+ 1,945,000 2,423,000 6,957,000

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