SNL: Obama campaigns for Harry Reid (video)

Posted:  10.25.10


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5 responses to “SNL: Obama campaigns for Harry Reid (video)

  1. Mel

    I cannot wait to vote on Tuesday! I am concerned about all the fraud being discovered but hopefully, the evil tea partiers will prevail. I am shocked at how the left loons are calling tea partiers every name in the book when all of the partiers I know are simply regular folks of all walks in life. People are fed up and want to take our country back. I will be on the edge of my couch waiting to find out if Barney Frank and Harry Reid get the boot!


  2. Time Warner that owns both CNN and HBO. This is why Bill Maher is doing his best to smear Tea Party Candidates. CNN objective news reporting? I doubt it seriously.

    Current Issues “the party crashers” The Republican Revival. CNN was just humping this on air:),8599,2027959,00.html

    Hillbuzz are PUMAS titling O’Donnell?

    Rattler Gator “Revenge of the PUMAS”

    So the Republicans have a so called Tea Party problem but the Democrats don’t have a PUMA problem…yeah right.


  3. Hitler Finds Out about Rush Limbaugh’s Reverse Operation Chaos.

    Hitler is really upset with the PUMAS aligning themselves with Rush. Pretty Funny, warning adult language.


  4. bellalu0

    Onward the PUMAs and the Tea Party!!! Hahaha

    “While he’s out smokin’ menthols
    He’s cussin’ Rush Limbaugh
    “Cause Limbaugh don’t cut him no slack!!”


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