Obamas urge followers to fight for it

Word pictures from our president.

A few days ago it’s “hand to hand combat,” now he urges supporters to “fight for it.”

It’s probably my imagination, but they both look ashen to me.  What’s with the gray on blue – maybe it’s intentionally bleak.  And what does the body language say?

How do you think they would do in real combat — or in a Chilean mine?

Posted:  10.20.10


Filed under politics, President Barack Obama

3 responses to “Obamas urge followers to fight for it

  1. Ha! Violent rhetoric! Gonna incite violence with that! LOL

    The only real impression I got from the hand gestures was that I was being lectured to.

    Also what is with that cardigan/thing she is wearing?


    • bellalu0

      It must be her daughter’s sweater. I am noticing the smile. Closed mouth smile,( more of a grin like the grin on the joker,) is the same as when he was being heckled in Boston. I’ve never really noticed it before. Are they playing the sympathy card? I don’t believe anything is done without extensive planning. So for some reason they set this up with a rainy day background and with them both wearing almost exactly the same shade of gray with equally gray skin tone. It does make them look pathetic – unhappy, and I see an underlying seething rage because we are not “thanking him for all he’s done for us.” She’s saying, “Barack is just too good for you heathens.”


  2. bellalu0

    On second thought, since this is addressing his supporters, she is probably saying, “look at what those heathens have done beating up on my Barack.”


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