Rand Paul refuses to shake his opponent’s hand

Rand Paul stands up for his faith

I wonder who these “undecideds” are,  who are going to be influenced by the gutter ads coming out in these last days of the campaign.  One of the worst I have seen (not counting Alan Grayson’s Taliban ad)  was put out by Rand Paul’s opponent in Kentucky.  It does not even deserve to be played so I won’t link to it.  But who are the people who will make a decision about who to vote for by some trash like this?  Are they even serious enough to go and vote in the first place?  I doubt it.  I think they can be totally discounted because they won’t take the time.

Here in the below video is part of the closing remarks made by Rand Paul in a recent debate.   Though I have not felt strongly either way about him, I am down with Paul now.  I agree with him – anybody who will attack a person’s Christian faith does not deserve to hold public office.

Both Grayson and this guy in Kentucky running against Rand Paul are attacking Christianity. They would not dare attack any other religion in this manner.  I don’t know, but it does not seem too smart to me.  There are an awful lot of Christians in this country.  And I for one am done with these bullies, and I support anybody who will stand up to them.  Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.  We are strong, and when push comes to shove, we will not bend, we will not bow, when our faith is challenged and demeaned.

Posted:  10.18.10



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3 responses to “Rand Paul refuses to shake his opponent’s hand

  1. bellalu0

    God help us Keith Olbermann calls Brian Kilmeade and unAmerican bastard – and…..

    Brian Kilmeade apologizes. SCREAM

    For what? For saying all muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. (Well, he could have said most all or 99 percent much as Bill O’Reilly could have said muslim extremists instead of just muslims hit the twin towers. The bar is very, very high when you are talking about muslims but when talking about Christians, not so much, as I said in my post)

    Thousands and thousands of terrorist attacks perpetrated by mulims, all of them, and if it were not for Timothy McVeigh, there would not be one non-muslim bombing. (He was an atheist actually by his own statements.) That is unless you want to include Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. left wing extremists, and I am sure muslim sympathizers seeing as how Bill Ayers named his sons Malik and Sayed.



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