Sharron Angle raises $14 million – Reid $2 million

CNN) – Embattled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nevada) campaign raised just under $2 million in the 3rd fundraising quarter and has $4 million on hand according to a Federal Election Commission report filed Friday.

The campaign of Reid’s challenger, Tea Party backed Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, touted earlier this week it had raised more than $14 million in this quarter.

Reid now claims he never said “This war is lost.”

These lies that the Reid campaign are spewing really show what they think of the average voter.  They have no respect.  They believe that we are stupid, that they can lie to our faces and get away with it.  I’m sorry, soon-to-be-former Senator Reid, but I’m not buying your bull.  It reminds me of when Reid compared his constituents to “very selfish” children.
Posted:  10.16.10

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