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You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack (Video) Funny

You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack (Video) Funny. Repost

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Angle/Reid debate – Angle strong, on offense

The most revealing statement made by Harry Reid.  He complains:

“Insurance companies don’t do things out of the goodness of their hearts. They do things out of a profit motive and they have almost destroyed our economy,” Reid said. “We need them to be forced to do mammograms.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/10/14/harry-reid-and-sharron-angle-face-off-awkwardly-in-only-debate-of-their-campaign/#ixzz12QumnJwA

Think about that.  No company does anything out the goodness of their heart.  If a business does not make a profit, it ceases to exist.

I have never had an insurance policy that does not include mammograms.  However, I will make a prediction – under Obamacare, they are going to be somehow limited. Maybe it will be by age and won’t be covered until age 50 say. But if a person, possibly a man, wants to buy a policy that does not cover mammograms at a lesser price, he should be able to do so.  If you want the coverage, you pay more.  Easy to understand.

It is already becoming apparent that Obamacare is hurtful to lower income people, as demonstrated by the companies recently exempted because the policies they provided at a lower and affordable price do not meet federal standards.

I completely agree with Sharron Angle — get the government out and let the market work.

You know, sometimes you wonder, “what are they thinking?”   It is no wonder they make legislation that hurts business (and individuals in the process) if you have the leader of the Senate who thinks a company should be in business “out of the goodness of their hearts.”  Jaw dropping.

Harry Reid has been in congress for 30 years.  To say he is out of touch is an understatement.

Man up, Harry Reid

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