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Saturday Night Live does Christine O’Donnell

This SNL parody of Christine O’Donnell is very good and funny, especially at the end.  I like this better than her real ad.  This whole witch thing is a joke anyway so she could use this format for her next ad.



When elected, Christine will be immediately seated in the U.S. Senate.  Christine will be the only newly elected Republican that can stop the Democrats $1 Trillion tax increase.

$1 Million is the number that we need to win this election.  That’s the reason we’ve started a campaign called $1 Million to Save a $1 Trillion.

That is all we need to defeat the TaxMan and his $1 Trillion tax increase. Will you donate to stop this despicable tax increase by giving $100, $75, $50 or even $35 today?

Check out the website and video at www.CoonstheTaxMan.com for all the things that our opponent has tried to tax.  It’s no laughing matter.

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Cleaning House

The Hill and America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) released 12 polls of swing districts held by freshmen Democrats.

The headline here is that the Republicans have leads in 11 of these 12 districts, but it is really much worse than that for Democrats.

List at Real Clear Politics.

185 184 – Democrat      211 212 – Republican      Toss-ups – 39

Florida starts early voting next Monday the 18th


*By the way, I didn’t know Jerry Brown was married to a man*  🙂

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