Looking at the progressive heart

Gloria Allred said something in her interview with Greta that reveals what she is all about.  The subject was the letter Allred presented as proof of some illegal action on the part of Meg Whitman.  Greta:  “Gloria, you know this won’t stand up in court.”  Allred: “I’m not taking it to court.”

Exactly.  She wants to bring it on tv and in the newspapers by way of a big press conference, knowing all the while it will not stand up in court.  She’s not going to take it where the rules of evidence apply.

This violates everything our country stands for – innocent until proven guilty.  But people like Gloria Allred and progressives/liberals in general, get away with ruining a person, making them lose their job, or their reputation, or an election, or engaging in some business venture or all of the above by using every card in the book.  In this particular case, the one with Nikki Diaz, she used the class card, the race card, the sympathy card, at least those three, by saying that her client was a poor Latina housekeeper who had to drive Whitman’s children to school without getting mileage or some such claim.  It was not clear exactly what the complaint was about because that was only secondary to the real reason for the production.  Well, boo hoo.  Let’s see, what’s the minimum wage?  $23.00 an hour is about three times minimum wage, I believe.  Of course, none of this is even relevant to whether or not Meg Whitman hired and employed an illegal.

This violates the “values we hold so dear” as Obama likes to say when he wants to use the constitution or our generosity and tolerance for his own purposes.  And all the while calling out organizations and people by name as intimidation if they challenge his chiefhood.  This is such a typical progressive tactic, but it is a little unusual to intimidate from the Oval Office with the power of the president.

And, second, you will see a classic case of bigotry if you watch Rachel Maddow interviewing Art Robinson, using her intimidating questions and using false assumptions, not willing to listen to anyone with an opinion other one that falls within in her narrow little box of acceptability.  [bigot: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.]

She does not have to agree with him on his beliefs, but she should be able to give him respect and have tolerance towards him – that is if she were tolerant.  The tolerance and open-mindedness claim of the liberal is a myth.  The progressive/liberal does nothing but ridicule anyone who disagrees with them.   They are vicious and mean-spirited.

Thirdly, they are such hypocrites.  Jerry Brown calls Meg Whitman a whore and the National Association for Women comes out in support of Jerry Brown.  You cannot make it up.  You can call a republican or conservative woman anything and everything, and it’s okay.

All the rules apply to others, but never to themselves.  They are adept at pointing out some reason why it is not applicable to them.

This is why we cannot allow these people to rule anything.  They need to be stopped.  Because if they are in charge, they will exact their own kind of justice on the rest of us without regard to our rights as citizens, or even as human beings.

One of the most important American value has to do with the sanctity of the individual, and that lady justice is blindfolded and sees us all as equal under the law.  It’s not them and us.  It’s not about a ruling media that makes decisions about who the rules apply to and who they do not.   But we are seeing it every day, more and more.

And as Gloria Allred said, “it’s not going to court.”  She doesn’t believe in innocent until proven guilty.  She doesn’t really care about her client because she sacrificed her for political purposes.

And that is the biggest myth of all – that progressives/liberals actually care about others.  They do not.  This will become painfully clear as Obamacare is executed.  What started out as feigned concern for the uninsured and unfortunate, will become the coldhearted IRS demanding compliance.  But once again, it is already becoming apparent that those rules will not apply to everybody equally either.

Posted:  10.09.10

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