Art Robinson, Oregon, takes on Rachel Maddow (Update)

Vote Art Robinson in Oregon

This election, voters must understand that freedom is the only path to jobs, to prosperity, and, most importantly, the only path on which to regain American Exceptionalism. — Art Robinson

See the entire interview here. She started out attacking him on some anonymous donors who paid for some ad for him. Maybe we could give him some more. He has a very nice website and place to donate here.

And it does matter who is elected in Oregon because his incumbent opponent votes with Pelosi 86% (one source said 96% of the time), to the detriment of the whole country.

Art Robinson won the Independent party primary on July 30th with 56% of the vote versus 39% for DeFazio.

On May 18, he won the Republican party primary receiving 79% of the vote. He has also received the nomination of the Constitution party and has been selected by the Oregon Libertarian party.

Art’s message of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, lower taxes and greater individual freedom is being well received by voters throughout Oregon District 4.

Posted:  10.08.10

UPDATE:  Here’s a link to an interview today by Rachel Maddow of the democrat incumbent.  It’s a tee hee, ultra friendly interview, all questions leading to attack Mr. Robinson, and not one single attack question of Mr. DF.  Compare the tone and Ms. Maddow when talking down to Mr. Robinson.  My, oh, my, but what would you expect from MSNBC, totally owned subsidiary of the democrat party.

Robinson had her pegged perfectly.  She was trying to smear him.

Update:  10.08.10 @ 6:43 p.m.


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9 responses to “Art Robinson, Oregon, takes on Rachel Maddow (Update)

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  2. Marya

    My letter to Mr. Robinson after his meltdown on the Rachel Maddow Show last night:

    Dear sir,

    I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I was with your appearance on the Maddow show tonight. I am absolutely astounded that you would not answer Ms. Maddow’s questions. Why did you not just answer her? Why all of the ranting rudeness, endless interruptions and evasion? I am simply stunned. That was the last thng I expected from you. You have lived long enough to have known that you weren’t dealing with a 19 year-old in Science 101 that you could intimidate. She has an doctorate from Oxford University, England, not Ohio. She was a Rhodes scholar neither of which accomplishments she thought it necessary to boast of. What were you thinking with the patronizing posture you took with her?. I watched tonight expecting an educated, worldly, brilliant scientific thinker. What i saw was a frightened, querulous, argumentative and extremely rude old man, very unwisely challenging a much more media-savvy , extremely well-prepared young woman. And, not to pour salt in the wounds, she was never sarcastic. Just very, very, bright and articulate. Your repeated accusations of sarcasm showed verbal ineptitude and lack of ease I never expected from you. You embarrassed yourself and did your run for office no favors tonight. The 3,000+ supporters who have contributed to your campaign will still be vote for you, I think.

    Synapses do fail as we age. I’m sure you would have been a worthy match for her in your younger days. Unfortunately, judgment doesn’t necessarily come with age. I’m sorry I was there to see it.


  3. bellalu0

    I thought he was great. We all know Rachel Maddow is a partisan, biased woman who is so blinded she doesn’t even realize how jaded she is.

    But then she is not running for the Senate. That race is between Pete DeFazio and Art Robinson

    I hope Robinson wins so he will oppose Nancy Pelosi and join other patriots who will be going to Washington for the first time to try to repeal Obamacare before it absolutely ruins our medical system.

    I’ll be watching

    It is fascinating how two people can look at the same video and see two entirely different things.


  4. bellalu0

    DeFazio, Robinson’s opponent, is big on abortion:

    NARAL Pro Choice America – rates him 100 %
    Planned Parenthood rates him 100%

    Voted NO on banning physician-assisted suicide.

    And DeFazio is a Roman Catholic. She should have questioned him on that hypocrisy as rabidly as she questioned Robinson on his beliefs.

    DF voting record. First elected to congress in 1986. Time for him to go.
    Stimulus – Yes
    Obamacare – Yes
    TARP – No


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  6. Ginger

    None of these people should go on Maddow or any of these MSNBC shows; however, Art Robinson exposed her rudeness and condescending attempt at intimidation. He would have none of it. Good for Art Robinson.


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  8. Ellen Friedman

    Why would anyone vote for Mr. Robinson after seeing that interview? He was rude and defensive and condescending. He had plenty of chances to talk about his policies and beliefs– it appears he has none. You can’t just be against everything, you have to stand for something, and be able to articulate it to voters, and if you get elected to your fellow Congresspeople. You have to be able to courteously and effectively deal with people from all walks of life. He has no respect and no manners, and as near as I can tell no qualifications for public service. Public service is difficult, challenging, and very important; pitching tantrums and screaming “I am a genius scientist!” doesn’t get the job done.


  9. Big-H

    Whaahahahahah, he owned that lying bitch H A R D! Your filthy smearing, interrupting and quote mining tactics fell pathetically short, rachel. He’s got my vote for sure.

    And Marya, rhodes scholar usually means bachelor of arts degree, in other words – some useless hippie crap degree. LOL 😀


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