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Art Robinson, Oregon, takes on Rachel Maddow (Update)

Vote Art Robinson in Oregon

This election, voters must understand that freedom is the only path to jobs, to prosperity, and, most importantly, the only path on which to regain American Exceptionalism. — Art Robinson

See the entire interview here. She started out attacking him on some anonymous donors who paid for some ad for him. Maybe we could give him some more. He has a very nice website and place to donate here.

And it does matter who is elected in Oregon because his incumbent opponent votes with Pelosi 86% (one source said 96% of the time), to the detriment of the whole country.

Art Robinson won the Independent party primary on July 30th with 56% of the vote versus 39% for DeFazio.

On May 18, he won the Republican party primary receiving 79% of the vote. He has also received the nomination of the Constitution party and has been selected by the Oregon Libertarian party.

Art’s message of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, lower taxes and greater individual freedom is being well received by voters throughout Oregon District 4.

Posted:  10.08.10

UPDATE:  Here’s a link to an interview today by Rachel Maddow of the democrat incumbent.  It’s a tee hee, ultra friendly interview, all questions leading to attack Mr. Robinson, and not one single attack question of Mr. DF.  Compare the tone and Ms. Maddow when talking down to Mr. Robinson.  My, oh, my, but what would you expect from MSNBC, totally owned subsidiary of the democrat party.


Robinson had her pegged perfectly.  She was trying to smear him.

Update:  10.08.10 @ 6:43 p.m.


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Heckling and Faintings at Obama rally in Maryland

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Interesting about these faintings.  He says the very same words every time this happens.  Supposedly dozens of people fell out.  I just don’t believe it.  It’s so staged, even down to the point he reaches behind the lectern for a bottle of water.  Same words, same actions.

I think he uses this to distract, as in distract from the heckler in the bottom video, so the headline will be about the fainters and faintings.  It was not very hot there, according to reports.  I guess he makes people sick.  Now, when he starts healing them….. 🙂

What was it he said?    It’s going to be hand to hand combat if republicans win in November.  His followers don’t have to be encouraged.  Notice how they roughed up the guy who dared to speak against him.

This is the president of the United States.  What an embarrassment.

Posted:  10.08.10

FLASHBACK:  Faintings from the past.

Video added:  10.17.10 @ 2:13 p.m.

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