Liberal One Nation crowd leaves legacy of trash

(Is that Charlie Rangel? )

On Sunday, it didn’t appear as if anyone directly associated with the march was present at the Memorial. There was, however, still trash scattered everywhere; although local sanitation workers had managed to haul most of the junk in and directly around the trash bins.

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Posted:  10.04.10

Endorsing organizations.


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2 responses to “Liberal One Nation crowd leaves legacy of trash

  1. Mel

    The people at this “rally” were paid to go by the unions and other groups. Their trip was paid for, their food, etc. No surprice they left the place a mess – I saw pictures after Obama’s inauguration and it was disgusting. What type of person throws their trash on the ground and walks away?? Democrats are such phonies, supposedly all worried about our environment.


  2. These same people are associated with the 10:10 group campaign that came out with that horrible eco video -blowing up school children, No Pressure. That’s the company they keep – so they think it’s a great add campaign to show school children who won’t be re educated by the enviornuts to be blown up, but look what they did to the mall -they trashed it. But they can’t figure out why no one will buy their Global Warming Greenie Scam.


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