Jim DeMint on the Tea Party and Christine O’Donnell

Just ran across this from last Thursday.  The Today Show with Chief Concern Troll, Meredith Vieira,  and Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

But, but, but, Senator – I am sooo concerned about you and your party.  🙂

VIEIRA: But, but, but Senator, if you’re trying to help your party, your party would argue that you’re really hurting the party. That these kinds of candidates cannot win general elections.

DEMINT: Well the important thing to me, first, is to save our country. It’s really that critical. That these trivial political labels do not mean as much right now when we’re fighting for the survival versus the bankruptcy of our country. And I think the American people in Delaware, all over the country, want to see that sense of urgency from the people who represent them in Washington. They’re not concerned whether the Republicans get the majority or not, they want people in Washington who understand that balancing the checkbook is not an extreme idea. So-

VIEIRA: But practically speaking, do you believe that these candidates can win in November?

DEMINT: Well Meredith, they told me Marco Rubio couldn’t win. And he is blowing it away in Florida because he’s telling people the truth. And they said the same thing about Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Rand Paul in Kentucky. They’re well ahead in, in the polls because people want a change in Washington. And, and you really can’t change Washington unless you change the people who are here. And so I think that’s what you saw in Delaware, people are looking at what these candidates are going to do when they get to Washington, and they’re ready to throw out the bums and bring in new folks. And I think we’re gonna do that in November.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2010/09/16/today-tea-party-hurting-gop#ixzz10C12deFg</

Quit trying to “help,” Meredith.  Don’t need ya.

Posted:  09.21.10


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5 responses to “Jim DeMint on the Tea Party and Christine O’Donnell

  1. Mel

    I love DeMint. He would make an excellent President – one of the few people on either side in DC who is honest and speaks out.

    I say DeMint should run for President or Gov Cristy from NJ. My dream ticket DeMint/Christy, don’t care whose on top of the ticket


  2. Mel

    It’s Christie…need to remember how to spell his name.

    Glenn Beck was saying he’s having numbness in his hands and something might be wrong with him. Very sad, hope he’s ok


  3. bellalu0

    Mel, I think they are giving him a hard time.


  4. bellalu0

    And I hope Glen Beck is careful what and where he eats. And I’m not kidding. He is pulling down some strongholds and that can be dangerous.


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