Charges against Christine O’Donnell

I just looked up these “awful” charges against Christine O’Donnell.  Is this all they got?  Maybe she can be appointed Treasury Secretary.  It’s Obama’s America.  Unemployment.  Poverty.  Record foreclosures.  Government intimidation.

O’Donnell’s finances are irregular, especially for a political candidate. As The News Journal of Wilmington summarized, “Public records show O’Donnell has no steady income, no savings, no investments and owns no property.” She reported income of only $5,800 last year. Her mortgage was almost foreclosed in 2008 and this year the IRS filed a lien against her for unpaid income taxes. Also noteworthy: She said her political enemies lurk outside her house, she is against masturbation, and in 2005, claiming mental anguish, she filed a $6.95 million lawsuit accusing a conservative group of demoting her because she is a woman, wrote Jill Lawrence of Politics Daily.

Dear God! Why not just shoot her.

Thank God she’s not a disgusting millionaire.

Posted:  09.16.10

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