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Charges against Christine O’Donnell

I just looked up these “awful” charges against Christine O’Donnell.  Is this all they got?  Maybe she can be appointed Treasury Secretary.  It’s Obama’s America.  Unemployment.  Poverty.  Record foreclosures.  Government intimidation.

O’Donnell’s finances are irregular, especially for a political candidate. As The News Journal of Wilmington summarized, “Public records show O’Donnell has no steady income, no savings, no investments and owns no property.” She reported income of only $5,800 last year. Her mortgage was almost foreclosed in 2008 and this year the IRS filed a lien against her for unpaid income taxes. Also noteworthy: She said her political enemies lurk outside her house, she is against masturbation, and in 2005, claiming mental anguish, she filed a $6.95 million lawsuit accusing a conservative group of demoting her because she is a woman, wrote Jill Lawrence of Politics Daily.

Dear God! Why not just shoot her.

Thank God she’s not a disgusting millionaire.

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Tea Party myths that died in 2010 primaries

“We’re not trying to take back our country. We are our country.” — Christine O’Donnell

Myths and lies about the tea party movement disproved in the 2010 primaries:

  • They are just a mob, thugs, uneducated, bunch of brown shirts
  • They are all rich, republicans dressed way too nicely
  • No, they are financially unstable unemployed bums
  • Not a real grassroots movement –  they are astroturf  financed by the republican party. (Ha.  With all the vicious attacks now coming from the establishment republican party against tea party winners, I think this is firmly off the table.)
  • This won’t last and will never make a difference at the polls
  • They are a fringe element and radicals
  • They are hatemongers
  • They are outrageous and dangerous –  waving American flags around
  • Obama has been amused or dismissive – they are just waving teabags around

I am sure there are many more derogatory and dismissive things said about the Tea Party which is not a party, per se.

I don’t think they are laughing too hard today about these “teabaggers.”

Both Obama and Biden have called Mike Castle to offer their condolences on his loss. I think this has really messed up some plans somewhere.  Castle still has not called Christine O’Donnell to congratulate her.  This just proves O’Donnell was the right choice.

And Rachel Maddow’s greatest fear in all the world right now is that Christine O’Donnell is going to swoop down on her and keep her from masturbating.  Now there’s a concern!  😦   (I think the video Maddow dug up from somewhere was from 1996. O’Donnell looked to be about 15, and she was in church – not masturbating, raising her hands, praising God.  What a scandal.)  I just heard that she is no longer in debt either, since she collected about a million dollars over the internet in one or two days.

And I read something written by what seems to me to be a “concern troll” so worried about republicans being embarrassed by some things Carl Paladina , tea party winner from NY (72% to 28%, I love that part), has said or joked about or emailed or something.

Well, here’s a message.  The tea party voters, and frankly most of the American people, republicans, whoever,  are not interested  in these trivial things, so don’t waste your time digging them out.  We are thinking about our country.

There were tea party victories in Delaware, New York, Utah, Kentucky, Nevada, Alaska…..there are more.  I’m trying to get a list.

So just who are these people?  We are the AMERICAN VOTERS.

Restoring Honor Rally, Washington, D. C. August 28 2010

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