Karl Rove vs Christine O’Donnell – Disgraceful

Tea Party victory in Delaware

And who is whining?  I just learned something about Karl Rove.  He is mud-slinging the People’s Choice for a republican candidate. I was shocked at this.  What he just said here tells us where Castle got his negative talking points against Christine.  I should have known, but I guess I didn’t notice as long as we were somewhat on the same side. (Oh, boy – wake up!)  What the hey is he talking about “in the bushes?”  That is so silly.  Rove sounds like a democrat smear machine.  I read something yesterday about Christine being “homeless” and being in  a financial mess. Well, we are all going to be homeless and broke very soon if we keep electing the likes of Mike Castle, who acted as a enabler for all the spending measures the democrats put forward.

Has anybody checked to see what kind of house Mike Cap and Tax Castle has?  How much money does he have in the bank after basically living off the taxpayers for 9 terms?  Who has been financing him so that he has had no financial problems?  I believe the SEIU and various other special interests.  Is Castle one of the “fat cats?”  I’ll bet Karl Rove is a fat cat, too.  Neither one of them will be living in the car any time soon.

I heard Christine referred to several times this morning as “that woman.”  I am beginning to see a pattern here.  I guess she better brace for the Sarah Palin treatment.  But from the republicans?  Well, yes, I see it now, the “leaks” within the McCain campaign about Sarah’s clothes, et cetera, from those within the party who clearly did not have her best interests at heart.

I think Christine O’Donnell can win.  They said she couldn’t win the primary.  Wrong.  But I would rather have a democrat in that seat than someone like Castle, hands down.  At least then it would be a clear democrat vote and not  a shady so-called bi-partisan vote.

Now I am hearing the republican party is not going to support Christine O’Donnell.  Well, they didn’t support her for the primary and she won.  She can win the general without them.

Karl Rove and the republicans better get on board.  The Tea Party isn’t even a party in an organized sense, but it will be if the republicans turn against the Tea Party candidates.  Every time they declare things like that they are not going to fund or support the chosen candidates, the stronger the Tea Party gets.

Congratulations, Christine.  Onward and Upward.

Posted:  09.15.10


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13 responses to “Karl Rove vs Christine O’Donnell – Disgraceful

  1. Mel

    The Repub establishment is not listening to the people…Steele must go, just to start. I don’t consider myself a Repub anymore. I was listening to a RINO’s radio show this morning (Smerkoniosh ?sp?) and he sounded like such a SNOB relative to O’Donnell…big freakin deal if she’s had money problems, took her a while to pay off her college loans! She’s not a spoiled rich elite brat. The Repub elite are out of touch.


  2. bellalu0

    Seriously. They make me sick.


  3. Mel

    Rush is on fire today…I used to think Hannity and Rush were party elites but they have proved otherwise this year. He says why not fight for O’Donnell…send her $1..lord, listening to Rove, you’d think she was a Dem!

    I love these women who are standing up..women seem to have more balls than the men. I love Michelle Bachmann – going to send her a couple of bucks too.


  4. bellalu0

    Yeah, I got a buck – maybe more.

    Here’s the kind of “statesman” Castle is.

    WILMINGTON, Del. — A senior aide to Rep. Mike Castle told POLITICO the nine-term congressman will not be endorsing newly minted GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell.

    “She is a con artist who won by lying about Castle’s positions and her own life,” said Kate Dickens, a Castle aide. “Out of state support was enough to pull her through yesterday so she can rely on it through November.”

    Refuses to support O’Donnell. If you want to get personal, he’s just an old f*art. Go to a retirement home.


  5. Mel

    This is going to be an exciting two months going into Nov. Even if people send $5, $10, $25 it adds up for these tight races. I want Harry Reid gone so bad but he’s so dirty, it’ll be tough. If Bachmann loses in MN, she needs to start running for President. She said that Pelosi is coming after her big time.


  6. Mel

    hehe Rush asked people to give Christine $1 and her website has crashed!


  7. bellalu0

    I just read something about an IRS lien on O’Donnell. That should endear her to most people, especially after Geithner, Sebelius, Randel, so forth have almost gotten a pat on the back for income tax evasion.

    This just shows you what loving treatment a citizen can expect from government by way of the Internal Revenue Service. And now we are going to have our healthcare intertwined with the IRS?

    “”Under the new law, the IRS is required to fine taxpayers thousands of dollars if they do not purchase health insurance. In order for the government to enforce compliance, tax authorities will need information, for the first time, about people’s health care. Collecting that data will require more IRS personnel.””

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/03/22/irs-looking-to-hiring-thousands-of-armed-tax-agents-to-enforce-health-care-laws/#ixzz0zcrRcZZt


  8. Mel

    Obamacare is going to kill a family policy like mine – apparently, we’ll be paying approx. $4,000 more a year….which means it’ll be more!

    Rush is calling Robert Gibbs, Robert Fibbs today – now that is funny!


  9. bellalu0

    I saw where there are 20 states in court yesterday against the healthcare. Did you see Greta last night? They seem to think they can win. The government is going back and forth between the interstate commerce loophole and calling it a Tax, which Obama has said time and time again it is not a tax. I think calling it a tax is the only way they can impose a requirement to buy insurance. It’s crap like this that people are fed up with. Give me liberty or give me death. lol


  10. bellalu0

    Go, Hannity. I’m with you.


  11. Mel

    Yes, Sean just took to task the Repubs blaming him (Levin, et al) for O’Donnell’s win and he was right on – it’s the RINOS’s fault, they all need to look in the mirror for why they’re losing. Castle voted for Cap & Tax which is reason enough to want him gone. I can live with it if she loses, won’t be a big difference because he voted the wrong way.


  12. bellalu0

    Yes, Levin, Rush, and Hannity have really put their necks on the line, and I appreciate them. And Jim Demint…..


  13. bellalu0

    I just heard that both Obama and Biden called Castle to commiserate with him on his loss. That just PROVES THE VOTERS MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

    He still has not called O’Donnell. What a sore loser.


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