Another tea party primary victory – Paladino for NY governor

Another big upset last night was Carl Paladino’s  win over Republican party backed Rick Lazio for New York State governor.  In fact it was a huge win, something like 63 to 37.  No.  More like 72 to 28.  This is very hard to find not being in any of the stories written about this race.  Funny.  Odd.  You think maybe they don’t want how bad he beat the republican backed candidate out there?  Nah.

I kinda like it when Paladino says he’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more.  I think a lot of people feel the same.

He was the clear tea party candidate.  Here’s a little look at what he’s all about.  (Before he even announced, actually)

One thing I have noticed since he won the primary is the subtle brainwashing techniques used by the media.  You hardly notice it, but  without fail, when his name is mentioned, he is referred to as millionaire Paladino or millionaire/developer Paladino.  I have heard it every time this race is mentioned, tv, radio, wherever.

So what if he’s a millionaire.  Sounds to me like he started a business, worked hard, and was successful.  He is a retired military Captain (I believe he said Army), a lawyer, and businessman…..a millionaire.   But because he’s a republican (I believe) or now I should expand my thinking to a republican NOT chosen by the republican party, he gets that thrown in when his name is mentioned.

I ask you:  Have you ever heard of millionaire Ted Kennedy, millionaire John Kerry, millionaire Nancy Pelosi, and on and on, when their name is brought up?  I haven’t.

When you begin to notice, there’s just a million ways a narrative is thrown out there to sway your thinking.

I don’t know exactly why, but somebody wants us to associate Paladino with being rich.  As if he’s the only rich person around.  I guess in Obama speak he would be a fat cat, which is a term I hate but can’t help using.

It’s not much I don’t suppose to pay attention to, but I do hate to be manipulated.  Worse then anything.

It’s no wonder the establishment republicans are having a conniption fit.  They are losing control.  They don’t know what to expect.  And, the democrats are wobbly, too, because they have long depended on RINO republicans to cover for them at every hand, and be their whipping boys when things go wrong.  I don’t know if they know how to cope with people who won’t bow down to their control, and maybe, just maybe, people who care more about the country than they do about being socially acceptable and politically correct.

And this is a good one I just heard.  Harry Reid has called Chris Coon (O’Donnell’s democrat opponent) his little pet.  You really cannot make it up.

Posted:  09.15.10

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