Geese in formation over Restoring Honor rally

Keith Olbermann was making fun of Glenn calling this a “miracle” when the geese flew over about a minute before 10:00 on Saturday.


Reminded me of this flyover of Air Force One in April of last year scaring the living daylights out of lower Manhattan —- ordered by the white house for a photo op.

Air Force One Over Manhattan

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Posted:  09.01.10


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9 responses to “Geese in formation over Restoring Honor rally

  1. It was so funny. I heard clapping and cheering from the rear of the crowd, but coming forward in a wave of noise. We looked around, and there the geese were over the reflecting pool. So we all laughed and said, look, a flyover!

    Reckon old Olberman ain’t the type to see signs, anywhay.


  2. Mel

    Very cool – check out the picture of my girlfriend with 3 of her kids at the Rally – posted – 4th picture down. She and my brother-in-law put their money where their mouths are and had the greatest experience…I regret not making the effort! Tara took the train from Massachusetts, left her younger kids with her husband! She has 7 kids under 12 and did this which is amazing.


  3. bellalu0

    Mel, are you in the storm area?

    I heard that each person in a crowd like this represents 25 people of like mind who did not go. I don’t know if that’s right or not.


  4. bellalu0

    This is too funny. Feds Subpoena Chuck E. Cheese for marketing to children.


  5. bellalu0

    Eugene Robinson, WaPo: “The spoiled brat American Electorate”

    This man is “brilliant,” isn’t he? Taps right into the heart of the American people./ sarc

    I think he is a perfect example of the lame left and how they will never understand and will always fail. Shhhh…..don’t tell him why.


  6. “Spoiled” with 10% unemployment? He thinks that in a Free Country you elect someone, and then it doesn’t matter if they perform to the Employers liking?

    He’s out to lunch. Is it any wonder why people aren’t buy newspapers? lame magazines, and tuning out insipid pundits?

    I wish the Dinosaur Media would just go talk to themselves in a corner


  7. Mel

    No storm here. It’s gorgeous – sunny and warm, no Earl in sight. I’ll keep the boys out of the ocean this weekend though because of the rip currents. TGIF


  8. Mel

    Poor Bama needs another vacation and is headed to Camp David. Does this man ever work?! I have never known of a CEO who doesn’t go to work until 9:30 am (his normal time to arrive at Oval Office).


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