Mosque supporter curses old man – Pataki tries reason on Chris Matthews

First video is an example of a “loving liberal” mosque supporter cursing out an old man.  Talk about hate speech, anti-Semitism, bigoted intolerance of other opinions, and just plain meanness, this seems to be the spirit of the far left radicals.  Warning:  numerous obscenities are not bleeped out.

Below, Chris Matthews takes on Former Governor of New York, Pataki.  Using reason, Pataki won the debate against Matthews and Eugene Robinson hands down on every point.

See Newsbusters for the full video and a complete transcript.

And about Rauf being at Daniel Pearl’s funeral, Daniel’s father says “move the mosque.”.

Posted:  08.26.10


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25 responses to “Mosque supporter curses old man – Pataki tries reason on Chris Matthews

  1. Mel

    Ground Zero Mosque won’t be built – Americans won’t stand for it. What do the polls show..something like over 70% oppose. It is ridiculous that nothing has been built to memorialize the victims but Bloomberg wants to build a mosque in view of the site.

    I’m a little concerned about the Restoring Honor Rally on Sat now that Sharpton is talking about disrupting it. My girlfriend is bringing her 3 kids from Massachusetts and my brother-in-law and his brother are going from NC. The media had better cover it because I plan to be glued to my TV.


  2. Muslims had nothing to do with the halocaust. Jewish people always use the holacaust to Justify hate. the old man was just as rude and obnoxious.


    • bellalu0

      Listen again. The older man did not utter one curse word.

      The younger man not so much. Pure hate speech. He should be ashamed.

      That’s one fine bridge he’s building.


  3. bellalu0

    Mel, I haven’t heard what Sharpton is saying. I turn the channel when I see his face. I hope there’s no trouble.


  4. Bella

    This quote reminded me of your Blog Title…instead of, Can I just finish my Waffle…Guys we’re trying to buy shrimp here LOL!


  5. Mel

    What a disgraceful liberal loon speaking to that 80-year old man. The lib loon is the perfect example of liberalism being a mental disorder. Thankfully, the majority of honorable Americans understand that Ground Zero is where thousands of Americans were murdered by Muslim extremists, fact. If you stand at that old Burlington Coat Factory (where landing gear hit the roof from one of the planes) you can clearly view Ground Zero. Nobody will find out who is coming up with the money to pay for this very expensive piece of NYC property either.

    Bella, the Restoring Honor Rally is planned to be uplifting, for regular folks, families – not activists. I can’t believe Sharpie and his hired thugs would start something. Thankfully, security is supposed to be very tight and we know whose side the police are on.


  6. Mel

    Here’s the story. Lord, the libs hate Glenn Beck – he makes them foam at the mouth.


  7. bellalu0

    Ree, haha. That’s a good one. I’m going to update the title with an AKA….

    Mel, I caught just a few minutes of Ed Schultz MSNBC. He was interviewing I believe MLK’s son. You are right, it sure does bring out their intense hatred. King’s son said something to the effect that Glen Beck had reserved the site to hold the event and that his father (MLK) did not own the Lincoln Memorial. That’s the only exchange I heard so I don’t know what the rest of the interview was about.

    I hope Glenn will maybe have some of his own security guys there, too. And people with plenty of cameras and videos cameras. Because you know and I know that there will be no trouble there unless it is ginned up by intruders.


  8. Mel

    Apparently Glenn has security outside his bathroom these days…probably a food taster too!


  9. he didn’t cuss, but he wasn’t being nice either. Using the halocaust as an excuse to preach hate. oh, you guys like gleen beck, no wonder yo guys sound like retards


    • bellalu0

      Your writing and spelling is not all that good.


      • Mel

        What’s a halo-caust anyway? I actually do not love Glenn Beck – have never seen his TV show but Restoring Honor in the country is something I can get behind because our leaders have lost it.

        FYI – I completely forgot about IT but it’s still there with the same folks!


  10. halo-caust: noun. the state of despair caused to a leftist, after repeatedly losing on video game Halo. Often, this state converts said leftist into a troll, roaming conservative blog sites and submitting irrational, hateful comments.


  11. bellalu0

    You know things are bad when Morning Joe and company are calling out for help from the Bushes and Rick Warren.

    🙂 🙂


  12. bellalu0

    Mika looks like she hasn’t slept in days.


  13. Mel

    Yikers, I can’t stomach Morning Joe! I blocked MSNBC from our TVs…seriously. Is Joe at all conservative anymore?


  14. bellalu0

    Joe is sickening. Jon Meacham is now on there since he was fired from Newsweek.

    They are having a little meltdown:


  15. Mel

    I heard Keith Olby wets himself when he gets ranting..seriously. ewww

    I’m listening to Beck and people are calling in on their way to DC from everywhere! They say it’ll be traffic gridlock tomorrow. Please, please let this be on TV tomorrow morning because it’s going to be something! O’reilly, shmilly saying 10-15k…easily 100k!


  16. Mel

    CSPAN will be covering it!


  17. bellalu0

    I was wondering if it would be on tv. CSPAN — great.

    Listen at this hate speech. Are these people drinking or on drugs?:


  18. bellalu0

    Reality check:

    Wednesday 25, 2010:

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 2,116,000 viewers (533,000) (930,000)
    Situation Room—493,000 viewers (110,000) (195,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 436,000 viewers (101,000) (204,000)
    Fast Money– 241,000 viewers (a scratch w/43,000) (101,000)
    Showbiz Tonight — 222,000 viewers (100,000) (134,000)

    6PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Special Report w/ Bret Baier – 1,730,000 viewers (308,000) (664,000)
    Situation Room—454,000 viewers (114,000) (226,000)
    Ed Show —595,000 viewers (117,000) (272,000)
    Mad Money —138,000 viewers (a scratch w/33,000) (52,000)
    Prime News – 205,000 viewers (59,000) (120,000)


  19. Bella if he keeps it, up you’re going to have to enlarge your banner 🙂

    That was some incredible crowd yesterday. It doesn’t matter what people describe it as, those people are pumped, and they are voting come this November.


  20. Ed Shultz sounds like he’s possessed, he sounds a lot like Howard Dean. This is what fear sounds like.

    Begging for an audience that isn’t listening.


  21. bellalu0

    Mr. Ed is over the edge. Talking about torching MSNBC. (Well, not a bad idea) lol.


  22. bellalu0

    More people were at the Restoring Honor Rally than watch The Ed Show!!!! 🙂


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