Representing the lovely anti-Palin woman (video)

The beautiful anti-Palin woman – protecting her right to “hibernate with anyone she chooses.”  Oh. yes.

😀 ….. Hard to watch, but very realistic I would say!

Posted:  08.18.10


Filed under Human Interest, Humor, politics, Sarah Palin

3 responses to “Representing the lovely anti-Palin woman (video)

  1. I think this is pretty pathetic the only way these people can get any attention is by making asses out of themselves on you tube. If it wasn’t for Palin would anyone know or care who they are? Attention Ho’ers….that’s what they amount to.

    Stuffed Bears, and Mamma Grizzlies are not the same thing.


  2. bellalu0

    Makes them look pretty stupid, doesn’t it? 🙂


  3. Ginger

    This is so lame…would this make you want to be a lib?…aargh…Pales in light of Palin’s video…so bad….ugh..these people are DESPERATE and it shows.


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