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Facts about the property designated for the GZ mosque

The president’s endorsement of the ground zero mosque on Friday night moved this up to the top of the pile for me.  So I start digging.

Obama makes a statement firmly in favor of the mosque, invoking the constitution, which he only does when it benefits him, terrorists, muslims, or illegals.  (This is true.  Check it out.)  He can cancel the Day of Prayer, have the religious symbols covered up at Georgetown University, his justice department can sue a state, and hinder freedom of speech at every hand and not a peep about the constitution.

Here is his statement, short version:

But let me be clear: as a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.

It is interesting to note his tone of voice and inflections here.  “….just as much as anybody else in this country.”  Very defiant I would say.

But he also said that ground zero was “hallowed ground.”  So by asserting  this, and then endorsing the mosque anyway, he is blatantly stating that he does not care if it is hallowed ground, it does not matter to him.  Do you see any empathy in him here?  He wants empathy from his supreme court judges, where it has no place, but he has none.

But I am getting emotional.  Emotion aside, I want to state some simple facts.

Notice the president said they have a right to build on “private property.”

Others also referenced it a private property.

In a nut shell:

  • It is not on private property, at least not all of it.
  • This is two tracts of land owned by two owners.
  • It will take both properties to build their building.
  • One property they bought, one property they lease.
  • One time you read about it, there will be no mosque in the building, the next time there will.
  • Imam Abdul Rauf and Sharif El Gamal are teamed up to build the GZ mosque.  hmmmm
  • Sharif El Gamal of Soho Properties bought 45-47 Park Avenue in 2009 for $4.8 million.
  • Sharif El Gamal purchased a lease for $700,000 for 49-51 Park Avenue.  This property is owned by Con Edison a public utility.  It is being appraised for a Possible sale to Soho Properties, Mr. El Gamal’s company.
  • “The sale proposal will go to the Public Service Commission, where it could possibly face a vote by a five-member board controlled by Gov. Paterson.” Quote from the NYP. (Watch what happens to Governor Paterson.  There has already been a media blitz trying to get him to resign.  See if there is another one.)
  • Part of one of the planes that flew into the World Trade Center fell through the roof of this building.
  • Just a few short years ago, Sharif El-Gamal and his brother Sammy El-Gamal of SOHO Properties the Developers of the Ground Zero Mosque were waiting tables in New York City. Sharif El-Gamal was waiting tables at Serafina’s Restaurant in New York City and Sammy El-Gamal was waiting tables at Tao Restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan NY, from there they both broke into the real estate business by renting apartments on commission, they were not selling any properties.

Does this seem strange to anybody?  Where did they suddenly get this kind of money?  Who is financing Soho Properties?

Why are they so intent on building the mosque right there in that spot and dedicating it on September 11, 2011?

How is it the intolerant demand tolerance?  Why would we acquiesce to an enemy of our way of life, and if they were in charge, there would be no freedom or tolerance.  We would all be muslim or else.  We will not fall for this manipulation.  They can build someplace else.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of what has gone on. I haven’t heard or read anything about this from the mainstream, have you?

The New York Post has some facts about it, too.

H/T to a blogger who has written a post and pulled it all together so much better than I have.

I just couldn’t resist my bullet points for quick reference.  🙂

Posted:  08.16.10

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