April of 2009 – President Obama at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or Hagia Sophia better known as the Blue Mosque. It’s the national mosque of Turkey, and before going inside, everybody—including the president—had to remove their shoes, while women covered their heads with a scarf.

There are already two mosques in lower Manhattan.  So nobody has restricted anybody’s freedom to worship.   The promoters of this new mosque, which now includes the president, are so crass and disrespectful, I am surprised plans haven’t been made to build it directly on the site of the towers.  After all, it wouldn’t even be necessary to demolish anything since after all this time there’s still nothing built there.

Perhaps it could look something like this with this noise ringing out five times a day.  Then all can feel all warm and fuzzy and “inclusive.”  On the bright side, one benefit could be that they wouldn’t blow up their own mosque….or would they?  They didn’t care that there were muslims in the world trade center.

The Hagia Sophia or Sultan Mehmed mosque where Obama is taking off his shoes was a church until desecrated and looted in Sultan Mehmed’s “desire to convert the city to islam.”

Posted:  08.14.10

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