Obama lunches off-the-record with reporters – attendees names released

White House reporters are keeping quiet about an off-the-record lunch today with President Obama — even those at news organizations who’ve advocated in the past for the White House to release the names of visitors.

Chummy reporters/government propagandists attended a luncheon yesterday with Obama.  It was off-the-record and at first the names of the attendees were also secret.

Today, the following list was made available.  I am not familiar with any of them, but it should put in suspicion any story written by any one of them, and for sure puts up a warning that anything reported by these publications could be reporting instructions straight from the White House.  Or maybe I should say it is confirmation because I think most people know whatever you read from the failed Fourth Estate is suspect.

Just for reference:

Ben Feller (Associated Press)

Jonathan Weisman and Laura Meckler (Wall Street Journal)

Michael Shear and Scott Wilson (Washington Post)

Caren Bohan (Reuters)

David Jackson  (USA Today)

Carol Lee (Politico)

Peter Nicholas (Tribune Co.)

Margaret Talev (McClatchy)

Julianna Goldman (Bloomberg).

The New York Times declined.

Maybe he’s setting up his Journolist for election time, because as he says “I’m pretty good at campaigning.”

I wasn’t aware he ever stopped campaigning.

MINUS 22.  Somebody give him a jersey with that printed on it.


“….. journalists in independent newspapers, radio and television stations facilitate greater transparency and accountability in governance, by serving in their watch-dog roles to deter corruption and malfeasance…..”

Posted:  08.13.10

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