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Living a life of sacrifice

by John Stossel

Obama G20 Summit

We are lucky to have President and Mrs. Obama in the White House. They have sacrificed wealth and its comforts… for us.

I know that because they keep telling us. John Dietrich has been keeping track.

The president has repeatedly stressed the need for us to tighten our belts. He has informed us, “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times …” During the campaign, his wife told us that we have to compromise and sacrifice for one another in order to get things done. Shortly after the election, the president said that “(e)verybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

The Obamas have given up a lot.

According to Michelle Obama, one of the Obamas’ first major decisions after graduating from college was, “Do I go to Wall Street and make money, or do I work for the people?” As we all know Barack, decided to “work for the people.” During the campaign, Michelle informed six women in the playroom of the Zanesville Ohio Day Nursery, “We left corporate America.” She advised these working-class women to do the same: “Don’t go into corporate America. You know, become teachers. Work for the community. Be social workers.”

Please. The Obamas are part of the Washington elite, who have always indulged their champagne tastes while advising the rest of us to make do with less. The American people don’t need any lectures from the Obamas — or anyone else living large on the taxpayer dime — about sacrifice.

What’s good about America are its volunteers, and caregivers, and foster parents, and military families… who don’t belabor others with tales of their “sacrifice.”

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Let the good times roll

AS THE US economy endures high unemployment and a jittery stock market, President Barack Obama has preached sacrifice and fiscal discipline. But the pictures coming out of a sun-splashed Spanish resort may be sending a different message.

First lady Michelle Obama is in the midst of a five-day trip to a luxury resort along with a handful of friends, her younger daughter, aides and Secret Service. Her office said the Obamas would pay for personal expenses, but would not reveal the taxpayer cost for the government employees.

Mrs Obama is staying at the Hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton resort outside Marbella. It has two golf courses, a spa with Turkish baths, views of the Mediterranean and a restaurant specialising in avant-garde fare. Room rates start at $400 and rise to $6500 for a two-bedroom villa. Mrs Obama flew in on a type of aircraft used by Vice-President Joe Biden. It costs the government $11,555 an hour to operate the plane, according to the air force. Assuming a nearly eight-hour flight to nearby Malaga, the total round-trip cost of the flight is about $178,000.

Back in Chicago, President Obama dines with friends, including Oprah,  at a River North restaurant in celebration of his 49th birthday.

He once counseled that families saving money for college should not “blow a bunch of cash in Vegas.”  As a candidate, he promised that “When I’m president,  I’ll do what you do in your own family budgets. You got to tighten your belt. You make sure you’re spending money wisely. The government needs to do the same thing.”

How far would you go to save a buck in today’s tumultuous economy? People are finding more ways than ever before to scrimp and save.

Read on as expert penny pinchers detail six bold ways to cut costs — and in some cases, generate a little revenue — during tough economic times. Are you extreme enough to give them a try?

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