Who is this with Obama?

Who is this?

Posted:  08.05.10


Filed under Barack Obama, President Barack Obama

5 responses to “Who is this with Obama?

  1. Mel

    That picture gives me the creeps! Maybe those downlow rumors are true. I just read how Michelle’s vacation is costing up to $400k…wowza!

    What a sad day yesterday when a women like Kagan gets a life-long job on the Supreme Court. She has zero judicial experience. There were so many brilliant liberals w/ experience but he picked her!


  2. bellalu0

    Mel, there’s a ton of body language in that photo. We need Tanya to evaluate it. The hands are about as interesting as anything.


  3. bellalu0

    They are going to swear Kagan in tomorrow so let’s not waste any time, huh. Get that rubber stamp in place quick.


  4. keyboard jockey

    He looks like Ronald Reagan’s youngest son Ron Reagan



  5. keyboard jockey

    It sure looks like a Monica Lewinsky moment doesn’t it……


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