Senate confirms Kagan

Senate confirms Elena Kagan 63 – 37.

Democrats:   No

Ben Nelson, Neb.

Republicans:  Yes

Susan Collins, Maine; Lindsey Graham, S.C.; Judd Gregg, N.H.; “Dick” Lugar, Ind.; Olympia Snowe, Maine.

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Notice how Ben Nelson has not voted with the democrats on anything since he was labeled with the Cornhusker Kickback?  At least Nebraska got his attention.

But for the most part, it doesn’t matter.  There will always be enough turncoat republicans to vote for anything they want.  They can always count on Collins, Snowe, and Graham, and I guess Dick and Judd stepped in this time to give a rest to some other republican and not make them look so bad.  Collins and Snowe, they just don’t care how they look, and neither does Graham.

They are all playing games with us.  And wasting time.  They take all the time to give nice speeches on why she should not be confirmed, as in the case of Jeff Sessions and Orin Hatch,  knowing all the while she will be confirmed.  Why bother?

They are all thoroughly disgusting.

But who knows.  She may make a fine justice.  Time will tell.  My only worry is that between her and Sotomayor, they install couches instead of benches so they can be psychologists and “feel” their votes and sympathize with the litigants.  Exactly what they are not supposed to do.

Posted:  08.05.10

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