Another story is emerging on firing of Ms. Sherrod (Update 3)

I believe Shirley Sherrod has been wrongly fired after what appears to be a selected portion of her speech to the NAACP was aired.  She said she got three calls from the White House telling  her to resign and she named the person who called her (Cheryl Cook, under secretary at the Department of Agriculture).  Her direct boss fired her, asked for her resignation, whichever it was.  By the way, he said he did not talk to anybody at the White House.

There was an extremely quick reaction and the reason given to her was that Glenn Beck was going to cover the story yesterday, which he did not.

I saw her on Anderson Cooper just now telling her story about how this experience with the “white farmer” was a turning point in her life showing her that it was not about race, but more about the haves and the have nots.  She said there were things in her life that would have made her feel justified to be racist, but that she had chosen not to live her life that way.  I believed her.  We all have issues that we have to work through.

Mr. Spooner, now 88, the farmer in question, was on remote and said he could not believe what he was hearing when he heard she was fired because she had done a wonderful job and actually did help him to save his farm some 20 years ago, and that she could not have treated him better.

This is another example of how things are twisted to prove a point.  And another example of why I need to just turn off the tv (but I never will and I know it.)

This lady, in her speech to the NAACP, was telling a story about an incident that happened over 20 years ago, using it to illustrate something that would help to bring people together and now she has lost her job because of a misinterpretation of it.  Apparently, nobody cared enough to actually check the story out.

Both Ms. Sherrod and Mr. Spooner were on remote, but I could tell they were genuine and that there was no animosity between them, although they had not seen each other in a long time.  This is how it is in the south the majority of the time.  It’s something nobody seems to understand.  Here you have a gentle black and a gentle white who respect each other and that is more the norm, in my experience.  Ms. Sherrod said she wanted to visit the Spooners and that she would have plenty of time to do it (now that she didn’t have a job).

This is why it is such a travesty the way the haters keep picking at the scabs when we have long since moved past it and live and work together in harmony.  I guess many thought the election of a black president would be the crowning touch and an absolute end to the past but it seems to be making it worse.

Why did the administration want her fired without knowing the whole story?  Some things they take forever to decide and others they make snap decisions in a couple of hours.  Either way, the decisions all seem to be wrong.

This may not be the whole context yet since it is still unfolding.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday that he will reconsider the abrupt firing of Shirley Sherrod, a Georgia-based Agriculture Department official who was the victim of a media frenzy over comments that turned out to have been distorted by video editing.

Read more:

UPDATE2: Oh, boy, this is something else.  NAACP blaming FOX for “snookering” them when Fox didn’t even cover the story.  Neither did Glenn Beck.  The first he said about it was that context was important and she should not have been fired.
And, get this – the NAACP had possession of the full tape and the NAACP President, Jealous, was at the speech.  So they were well aware of the full context.  Ms. Sherrod said they were not interested in her side of the story.  Strange.  The White House that took weeks to even acknowledge the Gulf Oil Gusher demanded she resign, she was fired, the NAACP issued a condemnation within a few hours.  Now they are blaming FOX?  Come on!

Chickaboomer has the story.

UPDATE3: Wow.  This little heartwarming story is now chilling down a bit and backing up to Eric Holder and, of course, Mr. Vilsack, who seems to be taking the blame for their hasty decision to fire Ms. Sherrod.

It all comes from a class action law suit involving mucho money, some of it going to Ms. Sherrod.  It has also been alleged now that there’s a break in the tape provided by the NAACP, an unexplained break, followed by lots of laughing from the crowd. After all, the “complete” tape was provided by the NAACP.   Something is rotten and it’s not all out yet.  Think lots of money, corruption, and Pigford, Pigford, Pigford.  They wanted this killed immediately so – calling all investigative reporters…..and Glenn Beck.  There must be much more to uncover.

Read the back story – most interesting.

Posted:  07.20.10  Updated:  07.21.10 @10:00 a.m. Update2: 07.21.10 @ 4:03  Update3:  07.22.10 @ 1:32 a.m.


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6 responses to “Another story is emerging on firing of Ms. Sherrod (Update 3)

  1. Bella

    We wouldn’t of known about any at all in the news cycle about Pigford….

    What an apt name 🙂

    Someone has been sending Breitbart recordings and when he asked the person for the entire recording the person sent it to him….hmmm there is a spy in the house of love LOL!

    The person who has been supplying Breitbart must have access to all this information, and is helping it get out. The timing is perfect in the middle of summer when the news cycle is really slow and the MSM will jump on just about anything to fill air time.

    Ms Sherrod doesn’t appear to be happy with the Obama Administration, I do believe she has a high opinion of herself, and feels that people need to understand she is a force to be reckoned with.


  2. bellalu0

    Ree, I just listened to her entire speech (supposedly). She is praising Obama – this was in March. I think she was completely blindsided by the whole thing. Some think it was a set up by the administration from start to finish. It does seem mighty coordinated, (MSM, the WH, Milsack, NAACP all prepared and acting on the same page) but to me, if so, they are just making themselves look profoundly incompetent and unable to look at all the facts before acting. So I don’t know if it turned out as planned.

    It looks like the whole state of Georgia is putting in a claim to get some Pigford money. lol.

    The quality of that first tape is horrible. I couldn’t even understand what she was saying. The complete tape is very clear. And it does have a splice in it about middle ways through. Her message taken as a whole seems to me to be a positive one and she would make a much better leader and unifier than the president has been or could ever be.

    I think she might not want to go back to work for them. But I don’t know, she is now wanting to talk to Obama. Wonder if he’ll have a summit over it.


  3. Bella

    They are having a phone summit

    Ask And Ye Shall Receive.

    She constantly refers to people who oppose the health care bill as racist as well as people who belong to the Tea Party movement.


  4. bellalu0

    She is misguided and prejudiced against the tea party. That is for sure. The NAACP was dead wrong in writing that resolution accusing us of being racists. But of all the hateful words I have heard lately from killing white babies to hating every iota of a cracker, this woman is the exact opposite.

    The whole speech comes across as conciliatory to me. The hate is coming from those who wanted her out of there, not from her. Those who are in power, including the president with the help of the media, is stirring up racial strife. This is their weapon, and I hope it will be their destruction. Ms. Sherrod seems to have overcome the hate, and she’s had some reasons to hate if she had given in to it. I’m just saying – Obama has never in his life experienced any real racism. He has had everything and every advantage given to him.

    I wish I knew who provided Breitbart the tape. I believe it was a well orchestrated plan to get rid of Sherrod, starting with that tape. I just don’t know why they wanted her out.


  5. bellalu0

    There are lots of holes in this story and I think I fell in one. Now Sherrod is talking about suing, taking down web sites, calling Brietbart and Fox racist. To quote Glenn Beck, “she has moved in over at CNN” and being interviewed by Media Matters, for goodness sake. Start talking about censoring and taking out web sites and news outlets, you lose me real quick. I know something is not right when Media Matters raises its head out of the pit.

    Now I learn that Brietbart had the tape since April. That kind of pokes a hole in my theory that someone leaked him the tape and everything unfolded immediately from that.

    Discrepancies in her statements and Vilsack’s statements are pointed out in link below.

    And the funniest part is Obama is now lecturing on “knee jerk” reactions. LOL “Don’t look at me – I know no.thing. Ain’t none of me.” He has split his personality off, talking like he is not even a part of that nasty Washington scene. And the Department of Agriculture? What is that? 🙂


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