Thank you, BP workers, thank you very much

Good News.  The well is capped.

Obama just spoke and is now taking credit.

What a jerk.

Now that BP has capped the well, it’s all “we” and “us” and not a word of thanks to BP for all the work they have done.  As long as the news was all bad, it was totally about BP.

BP is made up of men and women who  have been up day and night trying to solve this problem.  So regardless of the cause of this disaster, they deserved at least a little teeny tiny thank you from the president.

So I’ll say it:  Thank you, all you workers who have been steadily laboring now for about 3 months to come up with a solution and actually have been able to stop the oil.  You have my respect and gratitude.  I hope all goes well from here on out.

Because “we,” and “us” haven’t done a damn thing.  Not one damn thing.

Posted:  07.16.10  Video of remarks added 07.20.10

I counted 35 “we or us”


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7 responses to “Thank you, BP workers, thank you very much

  1. You are correct in that BP itself was (is) the best option to fix the situation and those on the ground and under the sea from that company deserve major props for what they have done. It is difficult, however, to laud BP very much so soon after they closed the wound that they created. After all, eleven people did die in the original explosion. With time, we will understand and appreciate all of their workers’ sacrifice.

    And I also agree that NO ONE in the Washingto DC zip code area can take any credit for anything.

    But the pain is still raw right now. It is perhaps as Malcolm X said in 1965 “You have had a knife in our back for 400 years and now you want us to thank you for pulling it out.”


  2. Bella O/T

    I changed my comments option try it out and see if you like it. Everyone can now post links in the threads 😉


  3. Bella

    I just clicked your link, It works like a charm, when I started using Chickaboomer’s new comment system, I really liked it so I thought I would dress up my commenting system.

    All the old comments are behind the scenes in my blog, the new system Disqus is supposed to import them we will see how that works 🙂


  4. anon

    Really hate to burst your bubble on the fairy tale site you are running here, but the POTUS has been on the oil spill since the 1st night..

    “Since the Deepwater Horizon explosion the night of April 20, federal authorities, both military and civilian, have been working onsite and around the clock to respond to and mitigate the impact of the resulting BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    We have compiled this chronology in the spirit of transparency so the American people can have a clear understanding of what their government has been and is doing to respond to the massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster.”

    “This is not an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again.”
    – Congressman Don Young (R-Alaska ) speaking about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    Yup, you read that correctly.

    In an outrageous quote worthy of Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, Republican Congressman Don Young of Alaska, who happens to be one of Big Oil’s best friends in Congress, actually said this with a straight face.

    This is exactly the sort of Big Oil cheerleading mentality that ‘Drill Baby Drill’ Palin and now her fellow Republican from Alaska are continuing to push, even as oil continues poisoning the Gulf. While Congressman Young might not understand the definition of “environmental” or “disaster,” you and I certainly do and we need to hold him accountable.

    Set Congressman Don Young Straight. Sign our petition calling on him to stop defending Big Oil and support clean energy legislation in Congress.


  5. bellalu0

    Thanks, Ree. Hadn’t seen that.


  6. Same As It Ever Was…..


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