What does Glenn Beck and Lindsey Lohan have in common?

I have actually been driven from all the news programs, even  Fox.  I can maybe take five minutes at the time.

Glenn Beck has about the best program on right now, without a doubt.  His show is filled with fact and history and investigative reporting that puts the others to shame and absolutely worth watching – most days.  Even he has some bad ones though.

“No Ratings”

But this is just so funny, him writing a message on his fingernails to illustrate just how low the news has gone as to make a really big story out of what Lindsey Lohan wrote on her fingernail.  I am sure her message was sincere, but it was not breaking news, but more appropriate for Entertainment Tonight.  And there is no lack of important news either,  but it’s all just pure propaganda and diversion.

Just an example of the ratings from July 7, 2010:

At 5:00
Beck on Fox:  1,950,000
MSNBC Matthews:  575,000


At 8:00
O’Reilly on Fox:  3,017,000  (who has thoroughly turned me off lately, by the way)
MSNBC Olbermann:  855,000


At 9:00
Hannity on Fox:   2,160,000
MSNBC Maddow:  796,000

See video clip and a link to complete ratings numbers at Chickaboomer.com

Posted:  07.11.10

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One response to “What does Glenn Beck and Lindsey Lohan have in common?

  1. Even to lambast her [where there is no sense there is no feeling], no one should give any more attention to Ms. Lohan. I am somewhat to the left of belaluO, but let’s agree that we should stop rewarding bad behavior with more publicity that at the end of the day benefits the wrongdoer.

    The thing most hated by Hollywood is to be ignored. You can’t shame them, for they have no shame. Give Ms. Lohan want she deserves: ignore her completely and utterly.


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