No time to change republican leadership

Re:  Michael Steele

Why are the democrats so interested in the republican party and who leads it?  I am getting a real bad feeling about this.  I think it is a very poor time for republican leadership to change.  Michael Steele has been welcoming to the tea party movement, and he will only be replaced by a RINO.  And who will benefit by this?  Don’t let us chip up in pieces at this point!

The DNC is sending out statement after statement declaring Steele wants to quit the war. THE DNC OF ALL PLACES. Yet, the republicans are falling for their trap in giving their statements credence.


But we have to concentrate on November. We don’t need this Steele resign hullabaloo now. What the MSM and DNC is trying to do is distract from Obama and democrats’ failed and disastrous policies.

Listen to the Video Here.  And he is supposed to resign for this?  I don’t think so.

I hope we don’t get manipulated by the powers that be to divide us.  The democrats wouldn’t be happier, and the republicans?  Well, maybe they want to put in a bona fide RINO.

Careful.  Careful.

Posted:  07.05.10


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3 responses to “No time to change republican leadership

  1. Bella,

    I was making this exact same case on Hot Air. First they complain about John McCain and Lindsey Graham call them RINOS and want them voted out of office. Then they turn around and follow their lead on RNC Chairman Micheal Steele….are Republicans really that reactionary?

    Michael Steele was correct Obama did escalate the War in Afghanistan – This is Obama’s War that’s just plain reality.

    Republicans shooting themselves in the foot again. I am voting Fiscal Conservative.

    Lefty Cynthia Tucker from Atlanta Journal Constitution is calling for him to be Fired…that’s good enough for me if the Left Hates him it’s because he is doing his job and they don’t like it.


  2. bellalu0

    Ree, there’s something really rotten going on here. Michael Steele is not running for anything and has no power to do anything more than express an opinion. Dear God, does every opinion now have to be approved by John McCain and Lindsey Graham? These two need to go anyway.


  3. Bella

    What Michael Steele said wasn’t for public consumption, and that’s what has pissed off McCain and Graham. They get together and decided what the Public should “know”. Steele can’t go off their script. I hope it’s not McCain and Graham running the Republican Party right now. Especially not Graham.


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