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In “memory” of General McChrystal

Well, I finally read the Rolling Stone article written by Michael Hastings that has caused the firing or resignation, whichever it was, of General Stan McChrystal.

This is Michael Hastings.  Looks like Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, doesn’t he?  Would you trust this face?  He’s up front here because I believe he’s a big part of this whole thing, as to how and why he gained such access to a general and his close circle.

Something is wrong with this picture.  It was not even the major story in this edition of Rolling Stone magazine, an anti-establishment, anti-war publication if there ever was one.  That is until the white house in conjunction with MSNBC (mainly) decided to make it a big story and I think an opportunity for our president to “act like a man” and take on not some enemy military, or some terrorist or bombers attempting to blow up airlines and Times Square, but the U. S. military.  I mean just to be honest, who reads Rolling Stone anyway?  If the mainstream had not picked it up to use for whatever their purpose was, a very few people would have even read this story.

It is things such as this that, after anger, leave me so sad and heartbroken as to the injustice that is done seemingly without a single twinge of conscience.

If I recall it right, this story was leaked out a little bit on Sunday night, and gone into in depth on MSNBC Morning Joe Monday morning. (Or was it only yesterday?) This is only Wednesday, and McChrystal has already been summonsed to the white house and replace by General Petraeus.  How quickly our president can move when he senses some insult to him.

It makes no sense when you read the story.  There is no insubordination whatsoever in any of it.  McChyrstal has taken responsibility for the comments of others, which none of them are beyond just off handed comments nowhere nearing insubordination.

There is something else in there though and that is the extreme concern of the troops of some foolish rules they have to go by, instead of trying to win a war, they are trying to avoid conflict and not allowed to go anywhere where they may accidentally run into conflict.

I am sad that General McChrystal was so disrespected because he did not deserve it.  But in the long run, he is better off out of what seems to be an impossible situation.

What angers me more than anything is how the media took this story and twisted it, and I don’t know what is behind it all, but the administration may have wanted to get rid of McC and they set the whole thing up, even to go as far as planting this little mole there to try to get something on him.

The editor of Rolling Stone was on Morning Joe Monday morning, they said they had to wake him up (ha) as if it was such a surprise to them.  He didn’t look the least bit sleepy to me.  But he said they had been sitting on this story for about two weeks.  That’s plenty of time for everybody to get their stories straight.  Joe Scarborough, Mika, and the others were well prepared with “scripts” to follow.  Didn’t Mika say something recently about working with the white house on something?

It could be they were just taking the story and selecting the portions of it that would be the sound bites so as to downplay some of the more revealing parts in the status of the war and the crazy rules they have to abide by.  But the more I think about it, the more I think it was set up from the very beginning.  Maybe McChrystal was even ordered to allow this reporter to follow them around.  Does the General seem the type to want someone hanging around like that?  I can answer that.  No.

I don’t believe McC is the kind of guy Obama would like to have a beer with, a guy whose favorite movie is Talladega Nights.  Nah, I don’t think so.

Now if the administration did want McC out, it is even more mysterious as to why they wanted Patraeus.  Obama does not like him, he did not vote for a resolution against MoveOn.org putting the page ad in NYT calling him “Betray Us”  As I recall, he did not vote at all, which is par for the course for him.

See screen shot of now removed ad from MoveOn.org and Google:


None of these guys are really in awe of the civilian command, but I don’t see anything at all that rises to a level of insubordination.  The quotes were by someone else, not McC.

The one person that was praised was Hillary Clinton.  She had said give them everything they need.

This is really discouraging to me.  But I have to believe there’s some justice somewhere. I just hope this move was best for the country, first and foremost.

I am putting my hopes in the November elections.

Oh, another very interesting thing was that Chris Matthews today was praising the republicans for their bipartisan support of the Commander in Chief for removing McC.  Now, that is a cause for suspicion right there.

I guess they all knew that this story would not be read by most people, and, in fact, it only came out in print after the corrupt mainstream decided what we were to hear and believe.

I will be anxiously awaiting McChrystal’s book.   Maybe he’ll be on Good Morning America in the morning.  Well, maybe he would be if he were balloon boy.

UPDATE:  I had heard that the meeting between Obama and McChrystal lasted less than 20 minutes.  Well, I just heard it was a lot less than 20 minutes.  More like 3 minutes.  Now, there was no time for pleasantries in that short period of time.  And then he left immediately, not attending the  meeting and not speaking to any reporters.  So whatever happened was already decided with no room for discussion.

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Minerals Management Service Renamed

This is just a FYI about a name change.  Typical tactic used to drop a tainted organization, similar to what was done with ACORN when they got some nasty annoying PR.  It’s pretty shrewd because the record on the new name begins now and all the bad stuff MMS has done is just sort of buried.

Minerals Management Service (under Department of Interior)

Now Known as:

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

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