Republicans always bowing down to the democrats

By bipartisan agreement, Texas GOP Rep. Joe Barton set a new standard in stupid Thursday by apologizing to BP for President Obama‘s “shakedown” of the company.

Furious GOP leaders scrambled to cap a gusher of outrage ranks over Barton’s misplaced mea culpa. By late afternoon, they made him eat his words.

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In my estimation, Joe Barton went from a man to a wimp, aided by Boehner,  Cantor, Pence, Miller (of Florida), who else?

I just saw a poll and not a single soul agrees with me on this.  It was a 100% against what Barton said and in favor of this forced apology.

I stand alone.  😐    (P. S. on 6.19,10 – I am glad to find a few people who agree with me.)

But I do not waver.  Think about it.  The White House demands the house republicans do something and they do it within a few minutes.   If they reacted that fast to “public opinion” in opposing everything the democrats are throwing out, that would be good.  But when you think of how fast they jumped to the commands of the administration, it makes me want to throw up.

Plus  —  Obama summonsing BP executives and demanding they set aside money for the victims, it was a shake down and this hearing is like a kangaroo court.

It’s not about the money.  It’s about how it was done.  Of Course, there should be money to help the victims, but he does not have the authority to order a private company to do anything.

Are we going to stand by, or really help, this government take over the entire private sector?  They are well on their way.

I am not sure how they plan to administer the money, but it would be good if they give it to the states so it can be done at a local level and the federal government completely out of it.  After all, it is the federal government who is shutting down Louisiana’s attempt to stop the oil!

What you want to bet the locals never see any of the money.  I doubt there really is any money.  Maybe that’s why they agreed so quickly.  The agreement was they would say there was going to be a fund, but a fund never materializes.  Everybody looks good and promptly washes their hands.

The White House says to house reepublicans, “Jump” and they say “How high?”

A bunch of weak-kneed republicans.  And that includes Joe Barton who caved in almost immediately.

And the oil keeps pouring out.  While these crooks in Washington argue about an apology.

Chris Dodd gives casino millions of dollars.  $54 million to Mohegan Sun Casino. How sweet it is.

I demand that this money go to the Gulf Coast victims.

Have a hearing on it.

Posted:  06.18.10

P. S. I guess I should say that, of course, Chris Dodd is not giving anybody his OWN money, but tax payer money.  One last heist.

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