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Stop the oil from coming ashore!

I really have a problem with these thieving, bribing, rotten congressmen dressing down this guy, Hayward. Talking about honesty and transparency, and that is almost funny. They know nothing of honesty. (Most of them. I thank Congressman Barton for giving this “hearing” some tiny little bit of balance.)  I just heard the house republicans forced him to apologize.  HOW DISGUSTING.

First off, you would think they would be trying to use brainpower to solve the problem. This thing is getting worse and worse, and these people are taking up all this time questioning Hayward. The crisis is not over. Has anybody noticed?

Secondly, we don’t know who was at fault yet in this disaster. Not really. I think this was an accident. Almost every accident is caused by negligence. Now, I want to know who gave this company their day in court and who read them their rights and afforded them the American values Barack Obama and Eric Holder are always talking about regarding terrorists? They should have a judge and jury determine who was negligent in this matter and how much the damages are? I have a hunch there are many parties who have some part in causing this.

Who gave the president of the United States and the Congress the power to do this? I thought the little meeting yesterday with BP was indeed a “shake down.” I think BP, and specifically Mr. Hayward, should plead not guilty and invoke his right to remain silent. They are being more than generous agreeing to, I want to say slush fund, but I think they are calling it a trust fund.

Does anyone think this money, if it is even there, will go to the parties who deserve it? I have no confidence whatsoever that it will.

Who is going to decide who gets that money? Some person appointed by the president who is completely outside the court system? This is an abuse of the separation of powers. The executive branch has no right whatsoever to declare guilt and damages, and then, also administer the damages to whom they want to. By what standards?

What I am seeing here is disturbing beyond belief. And I would think that all citizens would be concerned about a president and/or administration and/or a congressional committee expanding their powers to this level. That is what the court system is for. Deciding guilt or responsibility.

Now, with reference to the president, and Mr. Salazar, and others in the MMS, this disaster happened in federal waters, under a lease duly executed by MMS to BP, and under their supervision and rules. It is the president’s responsibility, regardless of who is at fault here, to do all he can to keep that oil from reaching the shore, and to clean the oil up as much as possible. There is NOBODY out there doing that to this day, day 60.

And worth noting:

During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0510/36783.html#ixzz0r9mEpmOV

This is gross negligence and incompetence.

I just heard a congressman tell Mr. Hayward that he was the head of the company and the buck stops with him. Well, the president is the head of this country and he has even announced he is in charge, but yet nothing is being done.

I want sombody to hang one of those pelicans covered with oil right over his desk in the oval office.

I do think it is on purpose. It has to be on purpose that he wants the citizens of the Gulf Coast to be devastated, probably because three out of four of the states did not vote for him.

I say this because I know that there is a massive amount of intelligence in the liberal/progressive party of which he is a part, and untold knowledge residing in Nobel Prize Winner Chu’s head. And not one of them has come up with an idea on how to stop the oil, nor how to keep the oil from displacing the water in the Gulf of Mexico. And, he, himself, is by far the most intelligence person on earth. And since none of them have a solution, I have to determine that it is INTENTIONAL.

Where’s the Navy, where’s the National Guard, where’s General Honore, where’s all the people down there trying to do something, anything?

I believe Mr. Hayward is sorry this happened. I’m watching him and I think he is. Much sorrier than Obama. Hayward has a heart. Obama not so much.

Again, I say, Who owns the Gulf of Mexico? The United States of America, Barack H. Obama, president (so-called) and that makes him responsible for the clean-up. He can get the money from BP later, after the crisis has passed.

But do you have to decide who is at fault before you clear the wrecked cars out of the intersection?

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Up to 60,000 barrels per day!

Day 60

This looks horrible today.  The red parts are new and I wonder what this is??

Fox is airing the Senate Hearings with Hayward and the gusher is on about 3/4 of the screen.  MSNBC has the screen divided into 6 equal parts, one of them the gusher.  CNN has a little over half screen showing the oil.  They are still on opening statements.  Hayward is alone at this huge table, just listening.

I think Obama should be the next person in this seat.


(This link works best on IE for me.)


Man from Louisiana:  Federal response, :”Worse than Katrina.” 

That’s an understatement.

Tarballer in Chief

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