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Obama approval rating at 42%

As of 9:30 this morning Rasmussen reports Obama falls to new low of 42%

Does this include last night’s speech?  I don’t know for sure but I think it does.  We’ll see.

(It does not)

I was watching MSNBC’s reaction and Olbermann, Matthews, and Fineman heavily criticized the speech.  Now, at first I think, at last they are seeing the light, but that I’m sure is wishful thinking.  Whatever the reason they are doing this, I don’t trust it.

Bill O’Reilly, is on Imus this morning, and he seems to agree with me.  He says that somebody has put out the word not to try to prop him up on this.  Who and why?

I think they (the MSM) have made a fatal error.  And that is the day they started bashing the tea party people, calling them/us mobs and racists and domestic terrorists, and not recognizing they were talking about the vast majority of voters and citizens in this country.  Maybe about 70 percent or better have participated in person or in spirit.

This is their downfall in that a woman goes to bed a loving mom and wakes up to MSNBC and CNN calling the very American and very patriotic gathering she just attended, and where she met wonderful people and made new friends, being ridiculed and called a mob.

A recent poll shows that at least 66 percent are angry with the media.  This means that those, including me, once blindly took what we heard as fact, now doubt it.  It is not fact.  It is mostly all a lie.   You can just about take what they say and turn it around to the opposite view, and come closer to the truth than what they are reporting.

So when MSNBC (didn’t catch CNN) suddenly stop propping Obama, their man, their hero, there is something going on.  Is it just that he has reached a level of incompetence that even they cannot support him and keep from laughing?  Or is it something else?  We will probably find out.

The Rasmussen poll is reported at http://www.drudgereport.com/ as developing, so check it out for updates.

Posted:  06.16.10

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